Microsoft’s SwiftKey keyboard update adds Bing AI integration to Samsung Galaxy devices

May 1, 2023, 9:00 PM UTC
2 mins read
Microsoft's SwiftKey keyboard update adds Bing AI integration to Samsung Galaxy devices
(Courtesy of Microsoft SwiftKey)

Microsoft’s SwiftKey keyboard has been a popular choice for Android users for years, and its integration with Samsung’s One UI launcher has made it an even more prominent option. However, a new update to the keyboard is causing some controversy among Galaxy users, as it brings Bing AI to their devices – regardless of whether they want it or not.

According to SamMobile, the latest version of SwiftKey (v9.10.11.10) includes Bing AI integration, which has been rolling out to users since mid-April. The OpenAI-powered search tool is now making its way automatically onto almost every modern Samsung Galaxy device that uses the One UI launcher, including the recently revived iOS version.

Microsoft announced the SwiftKey update on Twitter, stating that it would roll out “in the next days” to Samsung users. While some users may welcome the addition of Bing AI to their keyboard, others may find it intrusive or unnecessary. Fortunately, Galaxy users who prefer to stick with Samsung’s default keyboard can do so by navigating to Settings > Languages and Input > On-Screen Keyboard.

Despite this option, Samsung is reportedly considering a shift away from its $3 billion deal with Google to make Bing its new search default. This could mean that even users who opt for the Samsung Keyboard may see more of Bing in the future.

While some users may see this as a step forward for Microsoft and SwiftKey, others may view it as a breach of privacy or an unwelcome intrusion. As technology continues to evolve and integrate into our daily lives, it’s important for companies to prioritize transparency and user choice. The question remains whether this latest move by Microsoft aligns with those priorities.

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