Google panic as Samsung considers Bing for default search engine

Apr 18, 2023, 1:26 PM UTC
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Google panic as Samsung considers Bing for default search engine
Samsung Booth at MWC 2023. (Image Credit: Samsung)

Samsung may be ditching Google Search for Bing as the default search engine on its smartphones, according to The New York Times. This move would represent a significant shift in the search engine market and would reportedly cause panic at Google, which could lose an estimated $3 billion in annual revenue if Samsung switches to Bing.

The rise of AI chatbots has brought Bing back into the spotlight, as Microsoft integrated AI technology into its search engine to create Bing Chat. This new tool offers more personalized and helpful responses compared to traditional search engines like Google Search. In contrast, Google is testing its Google Bard service and working on the “Magi project” to compete with Bing Chat and ChatGPT, but the company’s response may be too little too late.

If Samsung switches to Bing, future Samsung Galaxy phones may ship with Bing preinstalled as the default search engine. Existing Samsung phones, however, would likely continue to feature Google Search. Users would still be able to download apps like Google Chrome and Google Search from the Google Play Store and use them if they prefer, but Bing would be available out of the box.

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It remains unclear whether Samsung will make the switch to Bing or if the company is merely considering the idea. Nonetheless, the fact that Samsung is even considering this move is significant news and could signify a change in the search engine market. Google’s position as the top search engine may finally be starting to slip, as Bing’s AI advancements prove to be more attractive to manufacturers like Samsung.

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