Microsoft renamed the “Your Phone” app to “Phone Link”

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Microsoft renamed the “Your Phone” app to “Phone Link”
(Source: Microsoft/Windows)

Microsoft first introduced the Your Phone app three years ago as a means to connect your Windows PC with your Android or iOS phone. Microsoft is rebranding its “Your Phone” app as Phone Link yesterday, as well as revealing a new UI and some new tweaks to the setup process, as part of that cross-device synergy.

According to Microsoft, this rebranding is a way of bringing your Android phone and your Windows PC closer together. Because the newly renamed Phone Link app will soon be available to all Windows users, sporting the new look that Windows Insiders have been testing for the past few months.

It also adds rounded corners, a new notification area and controls for your Android device, a new color palette, updated iconography, and new illustrations to your Android device. A new tabbed design is also included in the new UI.

Remember that the Phone Link icon has also been updated, and the Your Phone mobile companion app on Android has been renamed Link to Windows for all users. Furthermore, Microsoft claims that the upcoming Windows 11 update will include a set-up screen with a QR code that can be scanned to instantly integrate a mobile device to Windows 11.


And those living in China, Microsoft has teamed up with HONOR. This means that the “Apps” experiences experienced by Surface Duo and Samsung Galaxy owners will also be available on HONOR Magic V, Magic 4 series, and Magic 3 series Android devices.

Microsoft renamed the “Your Phone” app to “Phone Link”
(Source: Microsoft/Windows)

Microsoft has promised that there would be more for Your Phone in the future. It claims that Phone Link will offer more cross-device experiences to Windows. By clicking here, you can get started with Phone Link right away.

Microsoft stated that “We want to express how excited we are to share the evolution of our Phone Link and Link to Windows experiences and thank all our customers for joining us on this journey thus far.”

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