Microsoft PC Game Pass members can stream on GeForce Now

Jun 14, 2023, 10:32 AM UTC
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Microsoft PC Game Pass members can stream on GeForce Now
(Image credit: Xbox/Microsoft)

Microsoft‘s PC Game Pass is set to make its way onto NVIDIA‘s GeForce Now service, marking a significant development in the gaming industry. The collaboration between the two tech giants was announced earlier this year, and now Microsoft has confirmed that its Game Pass members will soon have the ability to stream PC games on GeForce Now.

In a blog post, Microsoft stated that this partnership will allow the PC Game Pass catalog to be accessible on various devices supported by GeForce Now, such as low-spec PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, mobile devices, and even TVs. The company plans to roll out this feature in the coming months, offering a new level of convenience and flexibility to gamers.

While not all games from the PC Game Pass catalog will be available on GeForce Now, the service will enable members to stream select PC games, granting them access to a wide range of titles. NVIDIA’s latest RTX 4080 graphics cards promise exceptional performance, making GeForce Now an attractive choice for enthusiasts who value smooth gameplay and immersive experiences.

This collaboration is not the first venture between Microsoft and NVIDIA. Previously, the companies announced that the Microsoft Store would be integrated into GeForce Now, allowing users to make purchases directly through the platform. Moreover, GeForce Now already welcomed Xbox games, beginning with the introduction of the highly anticipated Xbox exclusive, Gears 5, last month.

The partnership between Microsoft and NVIDIA began in February when they entered into a 10-year agreement to bring games to the GeForce Now service. The deal included popular titles from Activision Blizzard, such as the renowned Call of Duty series. Microsoft has been actively expanding its reach in the gaming market, forging agreements with various companies including Spain-based cloud gaming provider Nware, as well as Nintendo, Steam, NVIDIA, Boosteroid, Ubitus, and EE. These collaborations were particularly noteworthy as they occurred during the period when Microsoft’s potential acquisition of Activision Blizzard was under scrutiny by regulators worldwide.

Unfortunately, the proposed acquisition faced opposition from UK regulators who blocked the deal, citing concerns related to cloud technology. The regulators stated that approving the acquisition would grant Microsoft the power to withhold Activision Blizzard games from competitors, thereby significantly undermining competition within the rapidly growing gaming market. Despite this setback, Microsoft’s decision to offer its PC Game Pass subscription on GeForce Now suggests that the company remains determined to convince regulators of the benefits and viability of its gaming initiatives.

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