Report: Meta is opening physical stores instead of virtual

Nov 5, 2021, 10:47 PM UTC
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Meta is opening physical stores instead of virtual

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is pushing heavily into the metaverse, with its first move perhaps being the construction of retail stores “that will eventually span the world.” According to the company, the stores would be used to introduce consumers to products created by the company’s Reality Labs division, such as virtual reality headsets and, eventually, augmented reality glasses.

These devices serve as portals to the metaverse, a futuristic digital realm in which people can easily transition from virtual to augmented versions of reality. The businesses would help demonstrate to consumers that virtual reality and augmented reality can be enjoyable and thrilling, just as Mr. Zuckerberg believes.

According to company documents obtained by The New York Times, the store’s goal is to make the world “more open and connected.” According to the documents, they are also designed to elicit emotions such as “curiosity, closeness,” as well as a sense of being “welcomed” while experimenting with headphones in a “judgment-free journey.”

The main Facebook Store was supposed to open in Burlingame, California, where Meta has an office for Reality Labs personnel. It was also unknown whether those plans would be carried out.

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