Meet MAD’s millo air smart portable magnetic blender

No spinning parts, no vibration, no noise. In fact, the only sound you’ll hear is from the ingredients being crushed.

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Meet MAD’s millo air smart portable magnetic blender
(Image Credit: Millo appliances)

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With a MAD’s millo air blender, all you have to do is add your favorite ingredients to the cup, choose a blending preset, and in under a minute, your drink will be silky smooth. Then rapidly rinse (millo says it will take less than 10 seconds) and reuse the open profile blending lid.


The highlight feature of the new millo blender is the magnetic air drive, which the founders have nicknamed MAD. It’s a patented technology that Adam Trakšelis (Founder & CEO at Millo appliances) created when he was creating their initial product, Millo One, a few years ago. According to the founder, it reinvents the fundamental principles of how a blender operates.

There is no physical connection between the base of the millo air and the lid of the millo air because millo air is powered by a powerful magnetic field generator. Using a blender in nearly unprecedented places, such as the office, gym, beach, or even Mount Everest, is now possible thanks to this ground-breaking technology.

Most wireless blenders have a power range of up to 10W. The 450W peak power of millo air is amazing, and it beats the competition. Its German-made blades can quickly crush items like ice, nuts, and whole carrots.


Since millo air is powered by Li-ion batteries, it can do up to 10 blends before needing a charge.

Using innovative MAD technology, millo air was able to create an incredibly thin and light portable blender base that weighs just 26 ounces (750 grams). Think of the base as a portable power source that you may use anywhere. The size of millo air allows for transport by plane.

On a specially created Magnetic Hook that also functions as a cordless charger, millo Air may be wall mounted. This gives you the convenience of having your blender handy while also allowing you to keep your tabletop clean.

According to MAD, the base has no spinning parts, and the base and blending lid are seamlessly connected by magnetic. By doing so, they were able to completely seal the base, and maintain its water resistance and resistance to dust while still passing IP67 protection standards. You can now use your millo air on the beach to blend, making it no longer just a task for the home.


millo’s smart electronics will recognize the change in the drink’s consistency in real-time. Just set the level from roughly blended to silky smooth. millo air is a platform to be shared with your family, friends, or teammates. Its intelligent lids detect the pre-programmed user ID and immediately change the blender to the user’s customized settings. It nearly seems as though it recognizes you from your touch!

millo air has a number of smart features to make sure that the mixing process is:

  • Timeless minimal design – MAD innovation allowed them to create one of a kind blender base design that can fit into the jeans pocket and is extremely lightweight. It is a kind of product that people would prefer to keep visible rather than hidden away. The slick base surface is very easy to clean.
  • Dustproof & waterproof base – a seamless magnetic connection between the base and blending lid allowed to seal the base and keep it waterproof. A very convenient feature taking Millo into nature or even to the beach. Level of protection – IP67.
  • Wireless – the blender runs on Li-ion batteries, capable of making up to 10 blends. Being a cordless device it allows total movement freedom at home, blending on any surface or even taking it outside. Its portability and the fact of being significantly quieter allow bringing a blender to places never possible before like gym, office, camping, business, or holiday trips.
  • Magnetic hook charger – ideally the blender base is kept on the wall, on a specially designed magnetic hook, keeping the table top clean. The hook is also a seamless charger, so the blender is always ready.
  • Touch control – intuitive LED touch is very simple to use. There are 3 ways to launch the blender: A – manually set the speed, B – set the level of smoothness, or C – select one of the 3 presets.
  • Consistency control – first-its-kind blender control setting! Smart electronics are able to recognize changes in drink consistency in real time. A user is able to set the level of drink smoothness from roughly blended to silky smooth and the device will do it automatically.
    • Smart Stop – a blender will stop automatically once there is no change in drink viscosity (consistency). This helps to save time and energy.
    • Smart Slow – a blender will reduce the speed to a minimum automatically when blades are in a free spin. This happens when the blender is operated empty or when blended ice becomes snow. This feature helps to protect bearings from overheating damage.
    • Auto-refresh – if the on-the-go cup is not lifted after blending the blender will spin for a few seconds every minute to keep the drink fresh. The duration of the refresh time can be changed in the App settings.
  • Over-the-air updates – the blender firmware will be seamlessly updated to improve performance and introduce new features. Updates will be available over the Mobile App. Once new appliance accessories will be added, new dedicated controls will be added as well.
  • Mobile App – will allow people to Create, Save, Assign to blender presets, and Share blending patterns. So from now on, a smoothie recipe will include not only the ingredients but also the exact setting for blending the drink. Many community developed recipes will be available through the App. The App will also provide personalization settings and access to the newest firmware updates. Available on the Apple store and Google Play.
  • User ID – each blending lid has some smart electronics that allow it to recognize the user (also the type of accessory used in the future), switching the blender to use personalized settings.
  • Safety protection – blending lid smart electronics allow blending only when the lid is tightly closed and correctly positioned on top of the base.
  • Open profile blending lid – the blending lid is designed in such a way that it is extremely easy to wash. There are no blind spots, whether it is just rinsing it under the water or putting it into the dishwasher.
  • On-the-go cup – it is made from Tritan, the glass-like look, BPA-free, light plastic.

The blending lid is made to be quite simple to clean. You can simply rinse it or put it in the dishwasher because there are no blind spots.

It can offer various settings because of millo air touch controls, which reduces the need for overly intricate buttons and switches. To change the level of speed, smoothness, or one of your presets, simply hold down on the touch area.

The best part is that you can update to the most recent control features and modify your controls with the most recent firmware update via the millo mobile app, available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.


Because millo air is so innovative, it develops application cases that were never thought of before. It is perfect for use at the gym, office, picnic, camping, beach, or while traveling abroad because it is powerful, portable, long-lasting, and substantially quieter (even with only cabin baggage).

The millo air can be purchased through the Kickstarter campaign. Assuming it reaches production, a pledge of £169 (about US$194) will get you the one – the planned retail price is £254 ($291).