Logitech launches self-repair program in collaboration with iFixit

May 18, 2023, 2:10 PM UTC
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Logitech launches self-repair program in collaboration with iFixit
(Image Credit: iFixit)

Logitech, a renowned technology company, has joined the ever-growing list of companies embracing self-repair programs, enabling customers to repair their devices. In a collaborative effort, Logitech and iFixit, a leading provider of repair resources, have announced a partnership that aims to provide spare parts, out-of-warranty support, and DIY repair guides for Logitech products. The program is scheduled to launch this summer in the United States, initially offering support for two popular accessories: the Logitech MX Master and MX Anywhere mouse models.

Through the newly established Repair Hub website, Logitech’s self-repair program will ensure the use of authentic Logitech replacement parts and batteries. iFixit, known for its comprehensive repair resources, will offer customers the option to purchase individual parts or complete repair kits containing all the necessary components, tools, and a precision screwdriver bit set. However, the companies have not yet disclosed the pricing details for these bundles or replacement parts.

This collaboration reflects a broader trend observed in recent years, with companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung introducing their own repair programs for various devices. By promoting self-repair options, these companies aim to reduce electronic waste and extend the lifespan of their products, while also potentially saving cost-conscious customers some money. It is worth noting that the implementation of Right to Repair legislation in New York and Massachusetts may have further motivated these companies to adopt self-repair initiatives, potentially preempting the need for broader federal legislation requiring similar programs across a wider range of products.

Prakash Arunkundrum, Logitech’s Chief Operating Officer, emphasized the significance of the partnership, stating, “Consumers often struggle to find avenues to repair and extend the life of their product. More can be done by brands and the broader value chains who wish to play an active role in the shift to a more circular economy. I am excited that we are able to collaborate with iFixit to develop better designs and make it easier for consumers to have a self-repair option to extend the life of our products.”

As Logitech and iFixit team up to empower customers with the means to repair their devices, they are not only addressing the environmental impact of electronic waste but also demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction and the concept of a circular economy. By enabling users to prolong the lifespan of their Logitech products, this self-repair program aligns with the growing demand for sustainable and consumer-centric practices in the technology industry.

With the program set to launch in the US this summer, customers can look forward to the convenience and accessibility of repairing their Logitech devices with genuine replacement parts and comprehensive repair resources provided by iFixit. This collaboration represents a step towards a future where repairing and maintaining electronic devices becomes more commonplace, ultimately benefiting consumers, the environment, and the overall durability of Logitech products.

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