Kohler showcases its 8 new smart home products at CES 2022

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The global leading brand, Kohler announced its 8 new smart home products at CES 2022 event, focusing on enhancing wellbeing and making it easier for people to find peace of mind, including:

Kohler PerfectFill

PerfectFill smart bathing technology is a smart drain, digital/app controller and bath filler. PerfectFill draws a bath to a preferred temperature and desired depth with a simple voice command or through the KOHLER Konnect app, reducing time spent monitoring the bath as it fills. Previously demonstrated as concept technology, Kohler PerfectFill will be available for purchase, starting at $2,700 in May 2022.

Kohler showcases its 8 new smart home products at CES 2022
Kohler PerfectFill (Image credit: Kohler)


  • PerfectFill is a drain system that integrates a smart drain, digital/app controller and bath filler
  • PerfectFill technology can draw a bath to a preferred preset temperature and desired depth with a simple voice command or through the KOHLER Konnect app, reducing time spent monitoring the bath as it fills
  • This system allows users to set 10 pre-set experiences, letting each person activate their own bathing
  • experience easily
  • PerfectFill can automatically fill a bath to a consumer’s desired depth and temperature – allowing the user to simply get in:
    • Controls bathwater filling, draining and temperatures, – all through voice commands or the intuitive KOHLER Konnect app
    • Reduces the amount of time spent physically monitoring the filling of the bath water – digital drain monitors and shuts off water at preferred water depth for bathing
    • Fills bath to desired temperature and depth, allowing the user to simply get in
    • The new technology is sold as a system that includes the valve, system controller, and drain
  • PerfectFill technology also offers auto-drain functionality that can be controlled via voice commands or through the KOHLER Konnect app


Kohler Anthem Valves and Controls

Anthem Valves and Controls – digital valves can operate multiple outlets, integrate into the KOHLER Konnect app, can be paired with voice assistants, and offer the unique functionality of independent temperature and flow control in each outlet. Paired with the immersive sprays of the Statement showerheads, hand showers, rain heads, and bodysprays, Anthem upgrades the shower through innovative technology and engineering. Kohler didn’t mention the availability for Anthem valve + control options but it will start around $795.

Kohler showcases its 8 new smart home products at CES 2022
Kohler Anthem Valves and Controls (Image credit: Kohler)


  • The Anthem valves and controls have been thoughtfully designed to provide a tailored experience to users’ exact specifications
  • With two platforms to choose from – mechanical and digital – these precision controls elevate the showering routine to a next level sensory event
  • Digital:
    • The familiar touch-sensitive surface is intuitive and easy to use
    • Integration with the KOHLER Konnect app allows for full control over every facet of the showering experience via the smartphone
    • Set default or max temperatures
    • Monitor shower duration and water usage to maximize water conservation
    • Users can pair the controls up with Google or Alexa to allow for voice operation
    • A “warm-up mode” purges cold water from the pipes and puts a hold on the hot water for up to two minutes until users are ready to get in the shower
  • Mechanical:
    • Buttons for each outlet pop open when pushed, converting into dials that allow users to set and adjust flow volume
    • Clear, commonly understood iconography takes any guesswork out of the process, paving the way to a personalized sensory experience that can be universally enjoyed.
  • Mechanical valves control up to four outlets; digital valves control up to six outlets
  • Provide total control over any combination of shower sprays, rain heads, showerheads and hand showers
  • Mix and match settings and program up to 10 favorites presets to revisit at anytime
  • Available in polished chrome, brushed nickel, matte black, and brushed modern brass
  • Each outlet can be independently adjusted to suit the user’s specific temperature and flow desires


Kohler Purist Suspend

Purist Suspend – ceiling-mounted kitchen faucet featuring a remote puck that manages activation, temperature and volume, and a fully adjustable hose with 180-degree rotation. Kohler Purist Suspend will be available for order in February 2022 and starting at $4,300.

Kohler showcases its 8 new smart home products at CES 2022
Kohler Purist Suspend (Image credit: Kohler)


  • Features a remote puck with an intuitive interface that allows users to access and use the faucet wirelessly
    • The puck can be placed anywhere and used while charging
    • Is water-resistant
    • Battery life up to 1 month
  • The hose can be adjusted to any preferred ceiling/hanging height
  • The hose also stays at the height position, allowing the user to resume use at the same height previously used
  • The spray head is weighted to eliminate excess swaying or splashing
  • Offers various features options to enhance the experience: Sweep Spray, a powerful prep and cleaning spray, Pause Technology, a button that allows users to pause the water flow to move the spray head without a mess, Boost Technology, a boost of faster water for filling pots and cleaning and MasterClean spray to face, an easy-to-clean spray face that withstands mineral build-up
  • The swingarm offers 180 degrees of rotation, allowing for easy placement wherever is most convenient over the sink


Kohler Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet

Touchless Residential Bathroom Faucet – New category for Kohler, these faucets function with a simple wave of the hand, offer temperature control and operate by battery, offering an easy tech upgrade. While the company didn’t mention the availability date for Kohler Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet but it will be costing around $199.

Kohler showcases its 8 new smart home products at CES 2022
Kohler Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucets (Image credit: Kohler)


  • Touchless on/off with a wave of your hand
  • Available in Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickle, Brushed Modern Brass, and Matte Black
  • Set preferred water temperature with a twist of the knob-style handle
  • Offers Vacation Mode, giving confidence that your faucet will not be accidentally turned on if you are away for an extended period
  • Auto shut-off after 2 minutes if inadvertently left running, for greater peace of mind
  • Bypass Feature: The electronics can be turned off (at the control box under the deck); enabling your faucet to be used manually


Kohler Power Reserve

Power Reserve – a modular home energy storage system that pairs with solar power systems to provide homeowners with access to solar energy regardless of the weather, time of day or status of the grid​. Kohler Power Reserve Energy Storage System will cost $13,325 for 10KWH, $18,720 for 15KWH, and $23,440 for 20WKH.

Kohler showcases its 8 new smart home products at CES 2022
Kohler Power Reserve Energy Storage System (Image credit: Kohler)


  • Modular backup system to store and access the clean energy produced by their home’s solar systems for additional energy savings
  • Offers a smart storage solution to efficiently optimize home power usage
  • Utilizes Kohler Power Reserve mobile app to monitor and control your system
  • Users may choose the operation mode for their system (back-up, self-supply, time-of-use or custom) to personalize their battery’s storage and output
  • Access timeline of power information for the day, historical statistics for the system
  • Stores energy from the grid during times of lower electricity usage for non-solar homes
  • Power Reserve offers different modes to suit the needs of each family: Backup Mode, Self-supply Mode and Time-of-use Mode
    • Backup: battery is charged and ready to power your home during an outage
    • Self-supply: battery uses your stored energy to power the home, limits the usage on utility power
    • Time-of-use: battery prioritizes the use of your stored energy during peak utility periods, which means increased savings
  • Compatible with any solar panels and can be installed indoors or outdoors on both new and existing solar panel setups


Kohler Robern IQ Digital Lock Box

Robern IQ Digital Lock Box – a smart lock box that offers a compact way to securely protect valuables, medication and personal items. Digital Lock Box is equipped with a touchpad panel as well as an app to set and protect your password and ensure that your items are secured. Kohler didn’t mention the availability date for Robern IQ Digital Lock Box but it will cost $449 in the US.

Kohler showcases its 8 new smart home products at CES 2022
Kohler Robern IQ Digital Lock Box (Image credit: Kohler)


  • The IQ Digital Lock Box provides secure and reliable home and remote access based upon the operator’s preferences and is battery powered
  • The owner can access the lock box by the digital touch keypad, by using the IQ smartphone application, which is compatible with iOS or Android phones, or by using the back- up keys
  • Low battery alerts will appear on the IQ Digital Lock Box and the app when it is time to replace the batteries
  • The IQ app offers a variety of waysto keep your security in check and is customizable based on the user’s needs
  • A dashboard of lock box usage provides a timely snapshot of recent or long-term activity – giving the user visibility to all activity surrounding the lock box
  • Notifications and alerts are pushed out via the app to keep the lock box owner(s) informed of all activity
  • Convenient event scheduling and daily medication reminders can be set for every member of the family
  • An audio alarm sends an alert if the lock box detects any tampering with a shock-and vibration monitor and three-axis tilt sensor
  • The owner can monitor more than one IQ Digital Lock Box through a single app, and a technical support hotline is available to allow remote access in case of an emergency
  • Each IQ Digital Lock Box has a unique model serial number and registration code
  • The IQ Digital Lock Box comes with detailed instructions to easily install the lock box into the Robern cabinet, download the IQ Digital Lock Box application, and connect to the lock box
  • An impeccably engineered mounting system was designed for smooth, seamless installation and to ensure secure placement to prevent removal of the lock box
  • The lock box can be adjusted to any height for comfortable access to the contents


Additional featured products coming to market in 2022 include Stillness Bath, a multi-sensory bathing experience inspired by Japanese forest bathing, and H2Wise powered by Phyn, smart water monitors designed to detect leaks and track household water usage.

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