Get Internxt’s 2TB cloud storage at 90% Off for your very first year

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Get Internxt’s 2TB cloud storage at 90% Off for your very first year
Internxt Drive (Image Credit: Internxt)

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From now through August 31st, 2022, for those who wanted extra storage for their daily stuff, well then we have a special deal for you. This time, we brought you to Internxt’s deal, a cloud storage service, and it currently offering its 2TB cloud storage plan at 90% Off for the first year, which means you will get an Internxt 2TB cloud storage plan for just €10.79 for the first year instead of €107.88/yr, saving you total €97.09 for the first year. Just use promo code SUMMERCRAZE at checkout to avail this huge discount. Kindly note that this promo code only works on Internxt’s 2TB cloud storage plan, and also note that the offer runs through Aug. 31st, 2022.

Here is how to get this offer:

  • Go to internxt.com‘s official website.
  • Then, choose the 2TB cloud storage plan by tapping on Buy 2TB.
  • After that, copy this promo code SUMMERCRAZE and enter it on Internxt’s checkout page after clicking on Add promotion code button.
  • Now fill in your remaining information, such as email, address, and payment information, and click the Subscribe button to complete your order.
  • Now your 2TB cloud storage is activated and you will receive the order receipt shortly.

Internxt is an open-source, zero-knowledge, encrypted cloud storage service created with the utmost privacy and security in mind. It uses blockchain and zero-knowledge technology so people’s data and files are fully secure and encrypted, as well as all of your files can be securely synced from your phone or laptop and accessed from different devices. And the Internxt’s tool is very easy to use and available to all devices so you can access it from anywhere from any device at no time.

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