ICEFIRE can perfectly defrost your frozen food in just 15 minutes

Just throw any kind of frozen items onto ICEFIRE and they will be ready for you to cook in a flash. It speeds up the thawing process with the help of its High-speed fan and Special aluminum alloy thawing plate. If you are having a picnic with friends, you can quickly defrost any frozen food.

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ICEFIRE can perfectly defrost your frozen food in just 15 minutes
(Image Credit: ICEFIRE)

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ICEFIRE is a smart defrosting device that can defrost any frozen item in under 15 minutes. Plus, its top-notch quality and unique design make it 8 times faster than competitors in the defrosting market, reducing your defrosting process and easing meal preparation.

Your shrimp, salmon, chicken breasts, steaks, pork, fish, etc. can all be defrosted by ICEFIRE. It is a great addition to your kitchen and makes preparing meals simple.

It uses intelligent ultrasonic atomization to release negative oxygen ions in a cold, low-temperature environment, sealing in the food’s taste and nutrition while perpetually maintaining the food’s freshness and tenderness without water loss.


The ability of an ICEFIRE to disinfect and sterilize food using ultraviolet light makes it simple and effective to sanitize food without pushing it to high temperatures.

Any cook will enjoy the extra-large capacity of ICEFIRE. You can conveniently set down a turkey without having to worry about running out of room because of the 13.8L of storage.

This device’s small size makes it easy to keep in any kitchen cabinet, adding to its convenience. It can be used as a container for other unused cooking tools in addition to fitting neatly on your kitchen shelf.

This defrosting appliance includes a non-stick coating that makes it simple to remove food from the surface and smooth surface construction.


This defrost device is made out of a high-density aviation aluminum thawing plate and an ABS food-grade translucent cover. Food can quickly defrost thanks to heat conduction through the thawing plate. It is safer to use, more hygienic, and healthier than defrosting frozen foods in water or a microwave.

ICEFIRE defrosting device can be purchased through Kickstarter at $99 while its originally priced at $169, which will you save 40%, and if you bought it in two quantities you get it at 44% off and three quantities at 47% off while four quantities at 48% off. The device will start shipping to customers in October 2022