How to install the iOS 16 Developer Beta on your iPhone

Jun 7, 2022, 5:58 PM UTC
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How to install the iOS 16 Developer Beta on your iPhone
Credit: Apple Inc.

Apple has announced iOS 16 for iPhone at WWDC 2022 virtual conference, which is currently accessible in the developer beta program, meaning that if you are an app developer, you may download and install it on your iPhone device/devices. We highly urge you not to install this on your primary or personal iPhone device; if you do, you do so at your own risk.

You should also keep in mind that official developer account access requires a subscription; currently, Apple charges $99 per year for developer program access; this pricing is best for developers who develop apps for the Apple platform. Even if you’re not a developer and don’t want to be, you can still use the program by following our guidelines below.

The public beta, on the other hand, is absolutely free, and iOS 16 will be available for download next month; we’ll also walk you through the process when the public beta for iOS 16 is available for download.

To install the iOS 16 developer beta on your iPhone, open the Safari browser on your iPhone and type, choose “iOS 16” and then click the “Download” button. Then it will ask you for your Apple Developer login credential, simply fill in that information and you will be given the option to Install Profile or IPSW.

Tap the “Install Profile” and click “Allow,” now head to the iPhone “Settings” app, here you will see the “Profile Downloaded” option right under your Apple ID profile. Just tap the “Install” and it will be prompted to enter your passcode. Once that’s done, hit “Install” two more times after reading the terms and conditions agreement.

After your iPhone has restarted, go to the “Settings” app and go to the “Software Update” page, where you should see a new notification clearly stating that the “iOS 16 Developer Beta” is now available for download. It will indicate “Update Requested” when you tap it, and it will begin downloading and be available for installation a few minutes later.

Just in case, if you’re developing an app, go to Settings > General > Privacy & Security. Scroll down and toggle on Developer Mode to access the required app development features.

Keep in mind that if you don’t like the latest iOS upgrade, you can always go back to an older version by downloading the correct IPSW file. We hope you find these instructions helpful, and that you are able to get the most recent iOS upgrade announced at WWDC 2022.

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How to install the iOS 16 Developer Beta on your iPhoneHow to install the iOS 16 Developer Beta on your iPhone
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