How to enable Revue newsletter on your Twitter profile

Aug 29, 2021, 9:25 PM UTC
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How to Enable Revue Newsletter On Your Twitter Profile
Image Credit: Revue via Twitter

Revue, is a newsletter tool for publishers and writers to send newsletters to their subscribers without paying monthly or yearly fees, while they do take 5% on paid newsletters whenever you sent paid newsletter to your subscribers, Revue is awesome for sending newsletters for free by building content in email template in the simplest way by dragging links, photos, videos, or even Tweets.

Recently in January 2021, Twitter bought Revue by making Revue’s Pro feature for free to everyone to help publishers and writers to grow their audiences right from their platform.

Revue recently announced a new feature to Twitter where Revue creators can enable the Revue newsletter to their Twitter profile. Currently, Revue is working with a small number of groups to test the newsletter subscribe button and it only seeing on the Web version only but will soon follow Android and iOS devices.

So, how to enable the Revue newsletter on your Twitter profile? Meanwhile, you can follow @Gadget_Bond on Twitter or join our weekly newsletter via Revue for free. We have enabled this Revue newsletter feature on our @Gadget_Bond Twitter profile, if you visit from the desktop then you can see the button which is currently limited to the test group by Revue but Revue will soon roll out to Android and iOS devices.

If you are a Revue creator, then first, you need to connect your Twitter account to your Revue account by following simple steps, if you already have done then it’s OK. For those who didn’t connect their Twitter account to their Revue account they can follow this:

In your Revue account, head to Account Settings, then Integrations. At the top on the left, under ‘Sources’, you’ll see Twitter, click Connect now button. Next, open a new tab in your browser, open Twitter, and make sure you’re logged in to the account you want to connect with Revue.

Now go back to your Revue tab. Click ‘Connect now’, and Revue will connect with your Twitter account. You’ll see a success message, and there’ll be a button you can click to go back to the most recent issue you were working on.

Now get back to the guide on how to enable the Revue newsletter on your Twitter profile.

Once you follow the above steps and successfully connect your Twitter account with your Revue account then you are ready to enable this Revue newsletter feature on your Twitter profile.

First, click on your Revue profile icon right from the top right corner, then click on the Account Settings then click on Integrations, there you will Twitter module showing the Settings and Disconnect button under Sources, which means you have successfully connected your Twitter account with your Revue account, see below image.

How to Enable Revue Newsletter On Your Twitter Profile

Now click on the Settings button, where you can enable newsletter subscribe button by clicking on the check box of Show newsletter on Twitter profile. Additionally, you can select a sample issue to show your followers as a preview of your work:

How to Enable Revue Newsletter On Your Twitter Profile

Next, if you want, choose an example issue from the drop-down list for followers to check out before subscribing. If you run a paid newsletter, this will need to be an issue available to all subscribers and not a members-only issue.

That’s it.

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