Google Fi’s 5G network now available for iPhone users

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Google Fi's 5G network now available for iPhone users
Illustration/GadgetBond (Logo Credit: Google Fi/Google)

Google Fi users with iPhones can now enjoy the benefits of 5G technology, as Google has announced that 5G is now available for iOS users. This is excellent news for those who have been stuck using LTE and looking forward to the faster speeds and increased efficiency of 5G. The move was confirmed by Google on Wednesday and is expected to be a game-changer for iPhone users on Google Fi.

How to Enable 5G on Your iPhone with Google Fi

To use 5G with an iPhone, you need to have iOS 16.4 installed on your device, which was released earlier this week. You will also require an iPhone 12 or a newer model, as older iPhones do not support 5G technology. Once you have the latest version of iOS on your device, turning on 5G is a breeze. Simply go to Settings > Cellular Data Options > Voice and Data, and select “5G Auto”. This will give you access to T-Mobile’s 5G network and its benefits.

It is worth noting that Google Fi’s 5G support was first spotted during the iOS 16.4 beta process. However, the feature has now been officially released, giving iPhone users on Google Fi something to look forward to.

The introduction of 5G technology to iPhones on Google Fi has been a long time coming. While the service has been available on Apple phones since 2018, iPhone users have had to wait years to get Fi’s built-in VPN and eSIM. Furthermore, to get regular texting to work correctly, iPhone users had to manually enter MMS settings. This has made the experience of using Google Fi on iPhones somewhat lacking compared to using the service with an Android device.

The addition of 5G technology to iPhones on Google Fi is an exciting development that is expected to enhance the user experience. If you are an iPhone user and are interested in using Google Fi as your primary carrier or as a secondary one that you can turn on or off at will, the availability of 5G may make it an even more attractive option. The faster speeds and increased efficiency of 5G technology will undoubtedly be a game-changer, and iPhone users on Google Fi are now well-positioned to reap the benefits.