Go2Sleep and Go2Sleep SE are now up to $59 off

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Go2Sleep and Go2Sleep SE are now up to $59 off
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SLEEPON, a US-based device maker in the health division, is offering huge discounts of up to $59 on its Go2Sleep and Go2Sleep SE sleep tracking devices as part of a new year’s sale. The Go2Sleep is now only $89, down from $129 ($40 savings) and the Go2Sleep SE is now only $99, down from $158 ($59 savings).

  • Go2sleep at $89, was $129 ($40 savings) — Shop Now
  • Go2sleep SE at $99, was $158 ($59 savings) — Shop Now

Go2sleep is a smart fingertip device that can track your sleep, screen for sleep apnea, and improve sleep health, as well as a separate app integration that will keep track of your sleep quality every night by covering essential sleep and health data such as your Sleep stages, Heart rate, Blood oxygen saturation, AHI, Body movements, Sleep debt, Sleep efficiency, and providing health tips that are recommended to you.

The Go2sleep SE version, on the other hand, includes a fingertip option for users who prefer an over-the-ring style, which can increase monitoring stability. The Go2sleep and Go2sleep SE packages include the unit itself, as well as a charger and USB cable, 3x Silicon rings, and user manuals, whereas the 3x fingertips holder only comes with Go2sleep SE.

Go2sleep Specs

  • IPX67 waterproof rating
  • Food grade silicone
  • Magnetic wireless charger
  • 2 hours to get fully charged, good for 2 nights
  • Stores Sleep up to 7 nights
  • Check Sleep Report via SleepOn App
  • Net weight 6g (0.21oz)
This sleep tracking device is now up to $59 off

Go2sleep Features

  • Unparalleled precision: The abundant capillaries on your fingers help Go2sleep to provide significantly more accurate detection data compared to conventional wristband devices.
  • Comprehensive Sleep Report: SleepOn app to keeps track of your sleep quality every night, which covers all essential sleep and health data, including your Sleep stages, Heart rate, Blood oxygen saturation, AHI, Body movements, Sleep debt, Sleep efficiency, health tips tailored for you.
  • Risk Alert: Whenever apnea is detected during your sleep the vibration will alert you to increase the chance of you unconsciously changing your sleep position, diminishing the probability of sleep apnea.
  • Fully automatic for ultimate user experience: Super easy to use, just wear it on any finger, and you are good to go. Your comprehensive sleep report will be ready when you wake up the next morning.
  • Synchronize your Go2sleep device with the APP via Bluetooth, search your family member by their ID, and set them as a family so you can track all the key data of yourself and your loved ones, whenever they are.
  • SLEEPON cloud health service: analyzes all the key data and produces a detailed comprehensive sleep report on a monthly or weekly basis, with tips or recommendations for you to improve your sleep quality. You can check the sleep report on smartphones/Windows / Mac.

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