Get up to 30% Off on MacKeeper with 1 additional license as a gift

Apr 25, 2021, 9:56 PM UTC
2 mins read
Get up to 30% Off on MacKeeper with 1 additional license as a gift
(Image Courtesy: MacKeeper)

During the MacKeeper 11th anniversary celebration you can get up to 30% Off on MacKeeper plans where you will get 12 months of the plan at $49.80 per year instead of $71 per year with 5 Mac licenses with 1 additional license included, and 12 months of the plan starting at $35.49 per year instead of $47.76 per year with 25% Off where you will get 1 Mac license with 1 extra license. And its 1 monthly plan is starting at its regular price which is $14.95 every month.

MacKeeper Features:

  • Safe Cleanup: MacKeeper helps you to remove junk files as well as clean up your local mail attachments or empty the trash.
  • Duplicates Finder: MacKeeper also helps you to find duplicate content or files from your computer or hard drive using its Duplicates Finder tool.
  • Smart Uninstaller: With this tool, you can remove unused files from your system when you uninstall any programs or software, which means you don’t need to delete unused files when you uninstall software, with this tool you can feel your computer junkless.
  • Memory Cleaner: With this tool, you can clean your Mac memory easily with just one click as well as two clicks allowing you to instantly end any process of your apps or program that gets stuck out not responding.
  • Login Items: This tool lets you control startup items when you start your computer and helps you to save time. You can easily enable or disable necessary items at startup time so your Mac runs smoothly.
  • Update Tracker: This great tool also saves you time, with this you can easily update your favorite apps to a new version easily in just one click.
  • Antivirus: From the rest of the above features, MacKeeper also has a built-in antivirus program so you can keep your Mac away from dangerous malware, spyware, and ransomware. With MacKeeper’s built-in antivirus programs it will remove viruses right away so your Mac stays protected from malicious programs.
  • Adware Cleaner: When you enable this feature in MacKeeper you can surf any website without seeing any ads.
  • Private Connect: Another cool feature in this list is VPN which lets you unlock any website or content like streaming services that are restricted to some countries, with this tool you can unlock any content or website easily.

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