Get FREE Galaxy Buds Live with the purchase of Galaxy S22 or S22+

Canada only

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Get FREE Galaxy Buds Live with the purchase of Galaxy S22 or S22+
Credit: Samsung/Samsung Electronics

Samsung offers a freebie for customers in Canada from now through May 29, 2022 (ET), where customers will get FREE Galaxy Buds Live when they bought Galaxy S22 or S22+ at Samsung’s Canada website. The Galaxy S22 starts at $1,099.99 for a 128GB model and $1,169.99 for a 256GB model while the Galaxy S22+ starts at $1,399.99 for 128GB model and $1,469.99 for 256GB model.

Talking about Galaxy S22 and S22+ colors, both phones are available in Phantom White, Phantom Black, Green, and Pink Gold color choices, however, due to high demand for standard colors such as Phantom Black and Phantom White, your order might be getting late to arrive it on your doorsteps, but it will be worth for waiting.

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