Fiverr launches personalized discovery feature called ‘Inspire’

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Fiverr launches personalized discovery feature called ‘Inspire’
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Fiverr, a freelance industry is launching an interactive Pinterest-like mobile experience that will allow customers to interact with a constantly updated stream of visual content handpicked particularly for them. According to the company, the new tool, dubbed “Inspire,” was created expressly to assist customers to discover freelancers on the marketplace and inspire new ideas. Users can interact with the content by “liking” it in their feed and saving it to a mood board or list within the app for future reference.

According to Fiverr, the new tool will also assist customers in discovering other services and skills that may be handy for their business or project needs. The feed’s content is chosen depending on the users’ most recent searches and purchases. According to the firm, by leveraging native limitless exploration, users are exposed to information that is not only very personal and relevant to them, but also stuff that can be complementary to what they’ve already looked at.

“We are excited to see what kind of inspiration and ideas come from this new experience and to continue commemorating and recognizing the hard work of talented freelancers everywhere,” said Liron Markus, the vice president of product at Fiverr, in a statement.

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Fiverr launches personalized discovery feature called ‘Inspire’

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