Fitness+ coming to all iPhone users later this fall, so users can use the Fitness+ app without an Apple Watch

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Fitness+ coming to all iPhone users later this fall, so users can use the Fitness+ app without an Apple Watch
(Courtesy of Apple Inc.)

Even iPhone users without an Apple Watch will be able to subscribe to Apple Fitness+, according to a recent announcement from Apple. According to Apple, the update will be granted access in all 21 of the countries where the service is offered later this fall.

According to Apple, iPhone users will have access to the full service, which includes more than 3,000 meditations and studio-style workouts. Users of Fitness+ will receive trainer guidance and interval timing onscreen, and progress on their Move ring will be tracked using estimated calories burned.

Users can close their Move ring using awards, activity sharing, and other features in the middle tab of the Fitness+ app, which will be fully integrated with the Fitness app coming with iOS 16. Users will simply need an ‌iPhone‌ to sign up, and can then experience Fitness+ on ‌iPhone‌, iPad, and Apple TV.


Besides that, according to Apple, new episodes of Time to Walk, the audio app on the Apple Watch made to motivate people to walk more often, will be added to Fitness+ throughout the fall. Time to Walk features notable people who share their experiences, photos, and music with Fitness+ users.

Prince William, Malala Yousafzai, Christopher Meloni, Draymond Green, Camila Cabello, Nick Jonas, and many others have all appeared as guests on Time to Walk. Each week as the fourth season of the show begins, more guests will be featured.

New episodes of Time to Run, Apple’s audio running app invented to inspire users on their daily runs, will also be released. These episodes will highlight well-known running routes in some of the most famous cities in the world, starting with Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Mexico City, Anchorage, Alaska, Monterey, California, Seattle, and Queenstown, New Zealand.


Finally, starting on Monday, September 12, Fitness+ will expand on its well-liked Artist Spotlight series with new workouts that featured The Weeknd, The Rolling Stones, and Mary J. Blige songs.

Fitness+ is available in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, the UAE, the UK, and the US.

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