How to Enable/Disable Search button from iPhone Home Screen

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How to Enable/Disable Search button from iPhone Home Screen

With the release of iOS 16, Apple added a new Search button to the place of the iPhone Home Screen page indicator. However, you can enable/disable the Search button if you sometimes mistakenly launch a search when scrolling through pages or if you prefer the original page indicator.

Here is how to enable/disable the Search button from iPhone Home Screen in just a few taps

Open the Settings app then tap the Home Screen from the Settings menu. Here you will see three different options for iPhone Home Screen, forget the first two (NEWLY DOWNLOADED APPS & NOTIFICATION BADGES) and look at the third option called “SEARCH.” Now toggle the ON/OFF button in “Show on Home Screen.”

iOS 16 - Search Button ON-OFF

For a specific explanation, the OFF means removing the search button, and ON means showing a search button on iPhone Home Screen.

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Besides the Search button on Home Screen, you can activate Spotlight Search using the swipe-down gesture on both the iPhone Lock Screen and the Home Screen. You can always bring the home screen search button back by toggling the switch to the ON position.