Enjoy your favorite brew at the perfect temperature with this Temperature Control Smart Mug

Will you pay $150 for these Temperature Control Smart Mug?

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Enjoy your favorite brew at the perfect temperature with this Temperature Control Smart Mug
Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 (Image Credit: Best Buy)

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The Temperature Control Smart Mug I’m talking about is costing you $150 ($180 for the Copper version) and its actual name is “Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2.”

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 allows you to drink your choice of beverage at the proper temperature. With this special coffee mug, you can monitor and control the coffee’s temperature directly from your phone or smartwatch.

Besides that, it has an automatic wake-up and sleep mode, a temperature-controlled drinking cup, and a battery that lasts longer up to 80 minutes with the built-in battery, or all day with the included charging coaster.


You can track your caffeine consumption with the Ember Mug’s companion app on your iPhone (the app is also available on Android) or Apple Watch, save presets for your favorite drinks, adjust the LED color, and more with Ember Mug.

Ember also keeps your chosen temperature constant for about 1.5 hours, ensuring that every sip of your hot beverage is perfect.

Additional Features

  • Remotely set drinking temperature and control Ember settings from your iPhone (from Android as well)or Apple Watch
  • Maintain your perfect drinking temperature in the 14-ounce mug for 80 minutes on a single charge—or all day on the included charging coaster
  • Track your caffeine consumption in the Ember app integrated with the Health app
  • The LED indicator informs you when a beverage is too hot to drink or has reached the desired temperature—or when the mug needs charging
  • Made from stainless steel with a durable ceramic coating; maintains the beverage’s warmth while remaining cool to the touch
  • 14 fluid ounce (414 milliliters) capacity
  • IPX7 rated for full underwater submersion
  • Reaches temperatures in a range from 120° to 145°F (50° to 62.5°C)