DIRT 5 next update will roll out July 20

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DIRT 5 next update will roll out July 20
Image credit: Codemasters/DIRT 5

Codemasters will be rolling out its DIRT 5 game next big updates on July 20, 2021, for PlayStation, PC, and Xbox followed by Google Stadia at a later date. The update will include new tracks, cars, more events, playgrounds challenges, and much more.

New Free Circuits – São Conrado and Rio Seafront, Brazil

The first new circuits added to DIRT 5 since launch takes us to the beaches on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, for some thrilling circuit-based racing through mud and sand!

São Conrado and Rio Seafront are brand-new additions to Brazil’s selection of tracks. Set in the shadow of the impressive Pedra da Gavea peak, with the backdrop of lush rainforest on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, are a pair of fast-paced Land Rush tracks that wind through thick muddy sections, before sprawling out onto the white beach. With slightly different layouts, both tracks are perfect for powerful off-road machines, with plenty of chances to overtake and get airborne.

These tracks, and their reverse variants, are available in Arcade mode with all customizable weather conditions. Both are used for multiple events in our new Career chapter and can be selected in Online private lobbies.

Super Size Content Pack – Four New Cars

The Super Size Content Pack certainly lives up to its name, with four huge off-road machines ready to take on all terrain and all challengers. First up, our cover star: the Bentley Continental GT Ice Race Car. Don’t be fooled by the name – whilst this Ice Racer will indeed be right at home on sub-zero surfaces at New York, Norway, and Nepal, this 626bhp monster will tear up all surfaces in DIRT 5 on its 22-inch rims; a perfect blend of class and performance, taken to the extreme.

Whilst the Bentley joins the Rally GT class, the Armada Rock Racer is our second entry to DIRT 5’s monstrous Rock Bouncer class. This intimidating machine, with huge ridged tyres and minimal chassis, is built to take on our most dangerous terrain in point-to-point Path Finder events. For the Cross Raid class comes the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Baja Concept – The Atlas has the power and endurance to conquer any off-road challenge, being a souped-up race version of the already-mighty crossover VW.

Finally, a truly unique all-terrain option for your DIRT 5 garage: the Rezvani Tank. With its roots beginning with a Jeep Wrangler, the Rezvani takes everything up a notch: Power (500 bhp!), bodywork (bulletproof armor!), and insane ridged tyres. Head to the Pre-Runner class to try and tame the Tank.

Career Expansion and New Sponsors

The Super Size pack further expands DIRT 5’s Career mode with another 27 bespoke events to take on in a new chapter. Each of the car classes featuring the four new vehicles is featured, as is the new São Conrado circuit, and events using the new Playgrounds items. Also, Time Trial events have been created for the fresh Career chapter. Make sure to use the recently-added ghosts feature to see where you can improve your times!

Two more sponsors – Toblerone and Power Maxed – are available to sign for and earn exclusive rewards for, including liveries, by completing their objectives. More customization items also arrive in the Super Size Content Pack, such as stickers, lanyards, and more patterns for custom liveries. The Super Size Content Pack is included in DIRT 5 Amplified Edition or Year One Edition. Owners of the Standard Edition can purchase the pack from digital stores.

Parts Unknown Playgrounds Update

Inspired by classic science fiction concepts and art deco, this pack of over 20 new objects can be used in Create mode for all event types (Gate Crasher, Playgrounds, Smash Attack). Look out for new ramps and pieces that encourage wall-riding, as well as props and decorations with a space-age theme. The perfect location for our selection of other-worldly Playgrounds items is also added in this update, free to all players. Check out the ‘Area 51’ location option when designing your custom race arenas, offering a new sci-fi-inspired backdrop to whatever you create, with multiple weather conditions and times of day available.

More Additions and Features

By popular demand, Update 5.00 will include more real-world liveries for five cars from DIRT 5’s roster of off-road machines. Iconic designs for the BMW M2 Competition, Citroen C3 R5, Fiat Abarth 124 Rally, Porsche 911 RGT, and Porsche Cayenne Transsyberia have been added, available for free to all players.

PS5 extras: DualSense controller haptics and adaptive triggers

Along with all of that, players on PS5 will feel more connected to Dirt 5 than ever before with this update, PlayStation also implements full haptics and adaptive trigger support for the DualSense controller. These enhancements allow Dirt 5 to give you more feedback throughout every event. Notice the changes in traction across different surfaces, feel the brake trigger pushing against you as you slow down, sense the clunk of a gear change, and find the limit of adhesion as you steer and accelerate through corners.

Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will help racers make the right decisions and maintain control of the car, as Dirt 5 sends a bucket-load of information to the DualSense pad and through your fingertips. It’s a racing sensation that must be played to be believed.

3D Audio in Dirt 5 for PlayStation 5

Plug in a stereo headset to your PS5 DualSense controller to add another layer of immersion when playing Dirt 5, as we’ve further refined our use of its 3D audio capabilities.

Hear the roar of other cars racing all around you thanks to our dynamic audio range, and hear track-side speakers and spectators rise and fall in volume as you race by them. Our attention to detail with audio in Dirt 5, paired with the 3D audio support, creates a true soundscape that takes the overall experience up to another notch.

Full game patches will be found here.