Clips App Version 3.1 Brings AR Spaces to iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro Models

Apr 27, 2021, 11:03 AM EDT
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Clips App Version 3.1 Brings AR Spaces to iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro Models
(Image Credit: Apple Inc.)

Apple’s video creation Clips app version 3.1 is now available for update on the App Store, bringing new AR Spaces with LiDAR technology to iPhone and iPad models. Creators can now transform a space by creating immersive visual effects that fit the room’s atmosphere, and it can be shared with everyone. AR Spaces in the Clips app takes advantage of Apple’s innovative combination of hardware and software to provide users with yet another creative way to interact with and entertain friends and family, as well as post playful, eye-catching videos on social media. Clips are also broadening its artistic possibilities with monthly content updates that include new filters, stickers, and other features.

Clips App Version 3.1 Brings AR Spaces to iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro Models
Source: Apple

Clips app version 3.1 full changelog from App Store:

  • Add a new dimension to your videos with AR Spaces, an augmented reality feature that uses the LiDAR Scanner to create realistic effects that map to the contours of your room
  • Choose from seven AR Spaces including ribbons of rainbow light, celebratory confetti bursts, magical stardust, a pulsing dance floor, and more
  • Record a friend with AR Spaces and watch how animated effects adapt to the person in the room
  • Combine AR Spaces with text labels, stickers, and emojis to add even more personality to your videos
  • When using Clips on iPad and mirroring to a second display, toggle between showing just your video or the entire interface
  • Select multiple projects at once to quickly delete or duplicate them
  • Edit text in posters and labels while in landscape orientation on iPhone
  • Receive notifications when new stickers, posters, and effects are released in Clips

*AR Spaces require iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, or iPad Pro (2020 or later)


Note that LiDAR Scanner only works on selected iPhone and iPad models including iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPad Pro 4th and 5th generation. With the new AR Spaces in Clips version 3.1, users can now easily scan a room and see a live preview of effects that bring dynamic lighting, falling objects, and immersive scenes to life. Users can use their supported iPhone and iPad models to see effects appear on walls, floors, surfaces, furniture, and objects.

Clips 3.1 includes seven new AR Spaces effects to choose from:

  • Prism: Ribbons of rainbow light scan the walls, floors, and objects in a room.
  • Confetti: Celebratory bursts of confetti fall and accumulate on flat surfaces.
  • Disco: Shining lights reflect off the disco ball that hangs from the ceiling of the space.
  • Dance Floor: Colorful tiles of light dance in patterns across the floor.
  • Sparkles: Golden sparkle emoji and white glitter fill the space.
  • Stardust: Magical trails of starlight encircle and follow a person in the video.
  • Hearts: Floating heart balloons bubble up within the space.

Clips app detects people in the video and projects AR Spaces effects in front of and behind them, giving the impression that the effects are all around the space and subjects, due to AR segmentation and occlusion. AR Spaces can be combined with any animated stickers, text labels, emoji overlays, and captured in any aspect ratio in Clips, like 9:16 vertical, 16:9 horizontal, and square.

With monthly updates, Clips now has even more innovative content choices. Clips’ library of filters, Live Titles, text, stickers, and posters will be updated regularly to reflect seasonal events and cultural trends. Besides, opt-in updates are now included in Clips 3.1 to keep users informed when new content is available.

Source: Apple’s Clips app

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