ChatGPT now offers real-time answers with Bing’s assistance

May 30, 2023, 7:54 AM UTC
2 mins read
ChatGPT now offers real-time answers with Bing's assistance

ChatGPT, the viral chatbot by OpenAI, has announced a new collaboration with Microsoft’s Bing search engine, aiming to enhance its ability to provide real-time answers to user queries. This strategic alliance between the two technology giants highlights the growing convergence of chatbots and web search, creating a synergy that promises to enrich the user experience.

Initially, ChatGPT relied on training data sourced from across the internet, but it was limited to information available only up until 2021. Consequently, the application lacked the capability to respond to inquiries about current events. Recognizing the need to address this limitation, Google took a significant step forward by introducing Bard, its own chatbot that leverages real-time data.

In response to the evolving landscape, OpenAI and Microsoft have joined forces to integrate Bing into ChatGPT. At present, this enhanced feature is exclusively available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, who pay a monthly fee of $20. However, the companies have expressed their intention to extend Bing’s functionality to the free version of the chatbot in the near future. To maintain transparency, ChatGPT will notify users whenever it retrieves information from Bing, thereby boosting Bing’s brand exposure.

For Bing, the partnership offers a valuable opportunity to increase its user base and refine its search engine results. By incorporating Bing into ChatGPT, Microsoft aims to improve the quality of its answers and strengthen its position in potential deals to become the default search engine on popular browsers such as Mozilla’s Firefox and Apple‘s Safari. Presently, these deals are dominated by Google, and Microsoft’s collaboration with OpenAI could potentially tip the scales in their favor.

It is worth noting that ChatGPT already garners significantly higher traffic than Bing. Microsoft’s investment and partnership with OpenAI granted Bing access to OpenAI’s advanced technology, leading to the integration of a chatbot within the Bing platform. However, despite these efforts, Bing has struggled to gain substantial ground against its formidable competitor, Google Search.

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