Microsoft Bing Surpasses 100 Million Daily Active Users with Bing Chat AI

Mar 9, 2023, 8:39 PM EST
2 mins read
Microsoft Bing Surpasses 100 Million Daily Active Users with Bing Chat AI
(Image Credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft’s Bing search engine has hit a milestone, crossing 100 million daily active users for the first time in its history. This achievement comes just weeks after the launch of Bing Chat AI, a new feature that enables users to interact with the search engine in conversational language. Microsoft has stated that one-third of users who have previewed Bing Chat are using it on a daily basis, with 45 million chats having been conducted since its launch.

While Microsoft acknowledges that 100 million daily active users is a relatively small number compared to Google, it is happy with the growth it has seen over the past few weeks. Yusef Mehdi, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, expressed his delight in a blog post and noted that the company sees “this appeal of the new Bing as a validation of our view that search is due for a reinvention.”


The launch of the Bing app has also contributed to the growth in Bing usage on mobile, with a six-fold increase in daily active users reported. Microsoft is confident that this growth will continue as it adds and enhances AI features to the search engine and the Edge browser.

Microsoft’s plans to expand its AI offerings will be discussed at an upcoming event on March 16. The event will focus on the future of work with AI and is expected to unveil new AI additions to Microsoft Office. With the success of Bing Chat AI and the increasing popularity of the Bing app, Microsoft is positioning itself as a leading player in the search engine market. As the search continues to evolve, Microsoft’s commitment to reinventing search through AI features and conversational language may prove to be a winning strategy.

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