Buy Any 2 Portal Devices and Get $50 Instant Discount

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Buy Any 2 Portal Devices and Get $50 Instant Discount
Logo & Image Courtesy: Portal by Meta (formerly Facebook)

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Portal by Meta (formerly Facebook) makes reconnecting with long-distance friends and family members easier than ever. Texting and phone discussions can’t compare to a face-to-face conversation, but Portal by Meta allows you to have these personal moments even if you’re thousands of miles far from the person you’re talking with.

For a limited time, the company is providing $50 off on your purchase of two or more Portal devices when you order two or more Portal devices at the same time. To take advantage of their sales, you can select two of the same item or mix and combine devices like the new Portal Go and 14-inch Portal Plus (Read Portal Plus launch article HERE).

Plus you’ll also get free delivery with your purchase, and you may ship the two devices to different addresses for no extra charge!

The Portal with 10-inch HD display is now Facebook’s most affordable Portal device, costing $79 (it was $179 previously) or just $108 when purchased in pairs ($79 + $79 = 158 – $50 = $108).

With built-in apps, you can instantly make video calls to other Portal users, or even just Messenger or WhatsApp users, on the 10-inch screen (Including Zoom by Zoom Video Communications, Microsoft Teams by Microsoft, Webex by Cisco, GoTo, BlueJeans by Verizon and Workplace by Facebook).

The 13MP Smart Camera follows you around and adjusts to your movements, so you can talk to your sister while making dinner or hang out with long-distance relatives while they open their birthday presents.

It has an Alexa built-in voice assistant, allowing you to operate your smart home, check who’s at the door, listen to music, and be more hands-free. It may also be used as a digital photo frame when not in use, displaying your favorite Instagram photos.

The larger, new 14-inch Portal+, which was released in September 2021 (Read our article), is practically the same as the original Portal device but has a larger 14-inch display for perfect conversation all of the above and costs $349 or $648 for two.

You can also use the Portal Go, which was released at the same time as the 14-inch Portal+ launched (Read our article). The Portal go includes the same 10-inch display as the original Portal device and features a 12MP Ultrawide camera with a 125° field of view. It costs $199 or $348 for two.

For a limited time, the Portal TV, which was formerly $149 (or $248 for two), is now only $99 (or $148 for two). Connect the Portal TV to larger TVs to make video calls or watch shows with your friends or family.

Portal by Meta sale allows you to mix and match things to get a discount, and the best part is that they’ll all work together regardless of the sizes you choose.