Facebook announced 14-inch Portal+ and Portal Go, the first portable version of Portal from Facebook

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Facebook announced 14-inch Portal+ and Portal Go, the first portable version of Portal from Facebook
Portal Go (Image | Facebook, Portal)

Facebook has launched two new Portal devices into their Portal family by introducing a new 14-inch Portal+ and Portal Go. Both new Portal devices are now available for pre-order in the US for $199 for Portal Go and $349 for 14-inch Portal+ on the Portal’s official website.

Facebook announced 14-inch Portal+ and Portal Go, the first portable version of Portal from Facebook
14-inch Portal+ (Image | Facebook, Portal)

The new 14-inch Portal+ offers a 12MP Smart camera and it has two 5W and one 20W woofer. The Portal Go is the first Portal device from Facebook in the portable form where users can easily move it from room to room with a built-in integrated handle and long battery life which is rechargeable as well as the two 2W speakers and one 20W woofer. Portal Go also includes a 12MP Smart camera with an ultrawide field view for better video calling.


The company is also planning to add support for Microsoft Teams for all Portal touch-based devices including the new 14-inch Portal+ and Portal Go, starting in December 2021.

With a dedicated device for Teams, users will have everything they need to maintain their work rhythm with features including calendar, contacts, file sharing, and chat. Plus, Teams has Microsoft security built-in with Microsoft Intune app protection.

The pricing for the new Portal Go and 14-inch Portal+:

Facebook also offers up to $100 off on Portal devices by purchasing any two Portal devices from Facebook through October 31st, 2021 (8:59 PM PST), you can get a more detailed offer on Portal’s official website.


We already know that the Facebook Portal device’s main goal is to stay connected together with friends, families, and loved ones. Portal devices also allow users to chat with their Facebook friends, WhatsApp. Users can also have video chat directly on their TV.

The company is also announcing Portal for Business (currently available in the Beta phase in the US), a new service that allows SMBs to make use of Portal’s video calling and collaboration functionalities by deploying and managing Portal devices quickly and efficiently.


SMBs will be able to create and administer Facebook Work Accounts for their teams using Portal for Business. This is a new account type on Portal, and it will be available in the future year for a variety of Facebook work products.

Portal Device Manager allows businesses to manage devices that have been set up by Portal for Business users. It makes it simple to install and manage Portal devices by allowing you to control Work Accounts, manage device settings, view device status, and reboot or factory reset these devices – all from a remote location, no matter where your employees are.

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