Brooklyn’s Mac Support Store closes after 17 years

Jun 13, 2023, 5:21 AM UTC
3 mins read
Brooklyn's Mac Support Store closes after 17 years

Brooklyn’s Mac Support Store, a prominent Apple reseller and authorized repair center, is preparing to bid farewell to its loyal customers after a successful 17-year run. In a heartfelt email sent to AppleInsider, CEO Jeff Graber expressed his gratitude for the unwavering support the store has received from the Brooklyn community and Apple enthusiasts over the years. The store, located at 168 7th Street in Brooklyn, had established itself as a trusted source for quality Apple products and services since its opening in the mid-2000s, with varying sources citing either 2006 or 2007 as the official launch year.

As a visible indication of its impending closure, the Mac Support Store’s online site has largely shut down, leaving only a single page dedicated to promoting the upcoming online auction. Scheduled to commence on June 15, 2023, at 9 am ET and conclude on June 18, 2023, at 11:59 pm ET, the auction will feature a diverse range of Apple products and accessories. Interested buyers can expect to find everything from the latest MacBooks to rare vintage Apple collectibles. However, in order to participate, individuals must register in advance, ensuring a smooth and efficient auction process.

While CEO Graber has refrained from disclosing the specific reasons behind the store’s closure, he has alluded to its resemblance to the shutdown of New York City’s renowned Tekserve in 2016. The timing of the Mac Support Store’s closure is also noteworthy, coinciding closely with the one-year anniversary of Simply Mac, another Apple retailer, experiencing a similar fate.

The Mac Support Store’s departure marks the end of an era for Brooklyn’s Apple enthusiasts, who relied on the store for their Apple-related needs, including purchases and repairs. The auction presents an opportunity for fans and collectors alike to acquire sought-after Apple products and unique memorabilia, ensuring that a piece of the store’s legacy lives on. As customers bid their final farewell to this beloved establishment, they can reflect on the exceptional service and commitment to quality that defined the Mac Support Store throughout its impressive 17-year tenure.

In an ever-evolving technological landscape, the closure of the Mac Support Store serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by brick-and-mortar retailers, particularly in the realm of consumer electronics. As e-commerce continues to reshape the retail landscape, businesses must adapt and find innovative ways to remain competitive. However, the Mac Support Store’s legacy will not be forgotten, as it will be remembered as a place where Apple enthusiasts could find reliable expertise, high-quality products, and unparalleled customer service.

While the closure of the Mac Support Store may leave a void in the hearts of Brooklyn’s Apple community, it also presents an opportunity for new ventures to emerge and continue catering to the needs of local customers. As the store prepares to close its doors for the final time, its impact on the Brooklyn community and the wider Apple ecosystem should not be underestimated. The Mac Support Store’s legacy will endure, and its contribution to the Apple ecosystem will forever be etched in the memories of its loyal patrons.

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