Beats Studio Pro — the long-awaited successor to Studio3 is finally here

Jul 19, 2023, 6:17 PM UTC
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Beats Studio Pro -- the long-awaited successor to Studio3 is finally here
The Beats Studio Pro debuts in four premium colors: Black, Navy, Sandstone, and Deep Brown. (Image credit: Beats/Apple)

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After five years of anticipation, Beats Studio3’s successor has finally arrived, and it does not disappoint. Introducing the Beats Studio Pro, the latest addition to the iconic, bestselling over-ear headphone lineup by Beats. Packed with all-new and enhanced interior components, the Studio Pro sets a new standard for audio fidelity, offering fully-adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Transparency modes, Personalized Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking, UltraPlush leather cushions, an impressive 40 hours of battery life, Lossless Audio via USB-C, and unparalleled call performance.

The Beats Studio Pro debuts in four premium colors: Black, Deep Brown, Navy, and Sandstone. Its sleek and sophisticated design speaks to the brand’s commitment to delivering both technological advancements and an aesthetic that resonates with consumers. Developed in collaboration with Samuel Ross, Beats’ Principal Design Consultant, the Studio Pro retains the original headphone’s integrity while showcasing a more refined and contemporary look.

Beats Studio Pro price and availability

The Beats Studio Pro is available to order immediately from the Apple website, starting at $349.99 in the US. Beginning July 20, 2023, it will be available in Apple Store locations and authorized resellers, all beautifully packaged with the environment in mind.

The Studio Pro comes equipped with a custom acoustic platform, revolutionizing the listening experience. Each 40mm custom driver has been meticulously engineered for optimal clarity, boasting near-zero distortion, even at higher volumes. Compared to its predecessor, the Studio Pro showcases an impressive improvement of up to 80% in sound quality.

With just a touch of a button, users can seamlessly switch between two dynamic listening modes. The fully-adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) continuously monitors surrounding noise, generating a precisely-tuned filter to cancel it out effectively. Alternatively, the Transparency mode allows external sounds to blend harmoniously with the music, ideal for moments when staying present and aware is essential.

Beats Studio Pro introduces Personalized Spatial Audio, utilizing dynamic head tracking to create an immersive theater-like sound. Enjoy a heightened audio experience with content recorded in Dolby Atmos, and personalize Spatial Audio according to your unique hearing preferences using your iPhone.

The Studio Pro features upgraded voice-targeting microphones, guaranteeing high-quality call performance. These powerful microphones actively filter out background noise, ensuring a crystal-clear voice transmission—an improvement of up to 27% compared to the Beats Studio3 Wireless model.

Beats Studio Pro caters to both Apple and Android users with a range of native features for seamless integration:

Apple Compatibility:

  • One-touch pairing for quick setup with all devices in your iCloud account.
  • “Hey Siri” activation for easy voice assistant access.
  • Find My integration to locate lost headphones based on the last connected location.
  • Over-the-air updates for automatic software updates and new features.

Android Compatibility:

  • Google Fast Pair for instant connection to all Android or Chrome devices registered to your Gmail account.
  • Audio Switch for smooth audio transition between Android, Chromebook, and other compatible devices.
  • Google Find My Device for effortless tracking of misplaced headphones.
  • Access to the Beats app for Android, unlocking product customization, software updates, and additional features.

Beats Studio Pro offers multiple connection options to suit users’ preferences. These include Class 1 Bluetooth for exceptional wireless connectivity, USB-C audio for lossless audio transmission and simultaneous charging, and a 3.5mm analog input for wired audio sources.

While using USB-C audio, users can select from three distinct sound profiles: the Beats Signature profile for a tonally balanced tuning across music genres, the Entertainment profile for an immersive experience during movies and gaming, and the Conversation profile, ideal for phone calls or podcasts.

With an astounding 40 hours of battery life, the Beats Studio Pro allows users to remain immersed in their music for extended periods. When ANC or Transparency Mode is enabled, the listening time extends to an impressive 24 hours. For quick top-ups, Fast Fuel technology offers up to 4 hours of playtime with just a 10-minute charge.

Beats Studio Pro packaging showcases a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Made with 100% fiber-based, recycled material and virgin wood sourced from sustainably managed forests, it reflects the brand’s dedication to eco-conscious practices. The driver magnet is crafted from 100% recycled rare earth elements, while the main logic board solder is composed of 100% recycled tin. The Studio Pro is also free from mercury, beryllium, PVC, and BFR, making it a responsible and eco-friendly audio choice.

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