Beats Studio Buds Plus receive its first discount since its debut

Jul 12, 2023, 4:37 PM UTC
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Beats Studio Buds Plus receive its first discount since its debut
(Image credit: Beats/Apple)

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The highly anticipated Beats Studio Buds Plus has finally received its first discount, presenting an enticing opportunity for audio enthusiasts. As part of Amazon Prime Day, the sleek and wireless earbuds can now be purchased for $149.99 ($20 off) at various retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target. This markdown marks the first price reduction since the Studio Buds Plus made its debut in May.

One of the most striking improvements of the Studio Buds Plus over their predecessor, the Beats Studio Buds, is their alluring appearance. These new earbuds are available in a captivating translucent option, reminiscent of the transparent gadgets that gained popularity in the late ’90s. However, for those who prefer a more classic look, Studio Buds Plus is also offered in traditional black and white shades. Beats have successfully merged style with functionality to create a pair of wireless earbuds that are visually appealing and cater to diverse preferences.

Building upon the success of its predecessor, the Studio Buds Plus further refine the audio experience. While they may not match the advanced noise cancellation capabilities of the AirPods Pro, these earbuds effectively minimize external noise to immerse listeners in their favorite tracks. The updated transparency mode offers a more natural sound, though the AirPods Pro still maintains an edge in this regard. Nevertheless, Studio Buds Plus delivers an exceptional audio experience, showcasing Beats’ commitment to superior sound quality.

Despite being an Apple-owned company, Beats has designed Studio Buds Plus to cater to a wider audience. These earbuds are platform-agnostic, allowing seamless integration with Android devices. Users can take advantage of features like Fast Pair, audio switch, and Google’s Find My Device platform. However, it is important to note that certain iOS tricks, such as personalized spatial audio, are sacrificed in favor of cross-platform compatibility. Beats acknowledge the diverse user base and ensure that the Studio Buds Plus provides a seamless experience across various devices.

Another notable improvement in the Studio Buds Plus is its extended battery life. With up to 8 hours of listening time on a single charge, these earbuds outperform their predecessor. Additionally, the included charging case offers multiple recharges, allowing users to enjoy a total of 24 hours of uninterrupted music. This upgrade ensures that the Studio Buds Plus keep pace with the demands of daily use, providing extended enjoyment without the need for frequent recharging.

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