Apple Offers Depth and Water Seal Tests for Apple Watch Ultra

Mar 4, 2023, 9:02 AM UTC
2 mins read
Apple Offers Depth and Water Seal Tests for Apple Watch Ultra
(Image Credit: Apple)

Apple has recently announced a new support document that offers Apple Watch Ultra users the option to request a Depth and Water Seal Test to determine if their watch’s depth gauge and seals are working correctly. This service is especially useful for those who rely on their Apple Watch Ultra for activities such as diving, swimming, or other water-related activities, where the proper functioning of the depth gauge and water seal is of utmost importance.

The support document explains that there are several reasons why a user might want to have their Apple Watch Ultra tested. For example, those who rely on the depth gauge for diving will want to ensure that the gauge is functioning correctly, while others may want to check for unseen damage resulting from impacts to the watch.

To request a Depth and Water Seal Test for their device, Apple Watch Ultra owners can use the company’s normal online support channels. After receiving the request, Apple will perform a visual inspection of the watch to check for any visible damage. If there is no visible damage, the company will then test the water seals and depth gauge to ensure that they are functioning correctly.

However, users are cautioned that unseen damage could compromise the watch, and the Depth and Seal Water Test could render the device inoperable in such situations, which may require a replacement fee unless the issue is covered by warranty. Therefore, users should carefully consider whether they want to have the test performed, particularly if the device is functioning correctly.

It is important to note that Apple has not specified whether there is a cost for this service. Therefore, those interested in having their Apple Watch Ultra tested should check with the company before proceeding. Once the watch has been sent to Apple, it should be returned to the owner within seven to ten business days.

Apple’s new Depth and Water Seal Test for Apple Watch Ultra is a useful service that provides peace of mind for those who rely on their watches for water-related activities. By ensuring that the device’s water seals and depth gauge are functioning correctly, Apple is helping to keep its users safe and secure while they enjoy their favorite activities.

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