Apple targets India, and Vietnam for a production boost

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Apple targets India, and Vietnam for a production boost
Photo by Carles Rabada on Unsplash

According to Wall Street Journal, Apple is planning to shift additional iPhone manufacturers out of China, where some cities have been affected by prolonged Covid-19 (coronavirus) lockdowns, causing production delays.

WSJ Stated that Apple is eyeing boosting production in India and Vietnam as it accelerates its transition production out Of china due to the country’s zero Covid-19 (coronavirus) policy and rising trade concerns with the US.

As per WSJ, Apple held discussions with existing suppliers about raising output in India, with some Chinese contractors turning to Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries.

In April, executives warned that supply concerns in China might cost the company up to $8 billion in revenue in the current fiscal quarter.

According to Reuters, Apple began producing its iPhone 13 flagship in India last month, a market where it began production in 2017. Apple also intends to manufacture its next iPad devices in the country.

Despite these efforts, China is said to continue to produce the great majority of Apple’s global output.