New leak reveals Apple Reality Pro headset ‘blows away’ testers

Apr 21, 2023, 11:19 AM UTC
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New leak reveals Apple Reality Pro headset 'blows away' testers
(Image Credit: Ian Zelbo)

Apple’s upcoming Reality Pro headset has been making waves in the tech world for a while now, and with the latest leak from reliable source Evan Blass, the excitement around the device is only increasing. Blass took to Twitter to share a comment from one of his sources who has had multiple opportunities to demo the headset. According to Blass’s source, the experience of using the Reality Pro headset went from “underwhelming” to “blown away” due to the latest hardware and firmware updates.

This news comes as a surprise to many as previous reports indicated that the device’s battery life would be poor, it would be too expensive, and some software features would be delayed. However, with the positive feedback from Blass’s source, it appears that Apple has managed to overcome these issues and produce a truly impressive mixed reality headset.

While Blass did not provide any further details on the device, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman recently reported that the Reality Pro headset will be focused on gaming, fitness, and collaboration. The headset, which is expected to cost around $3,000, will feature tools for all three areas, and users will be able to access millions of existing apps from third-party developers via a new 3D interface.

Gurman also reported that Apple is developing a version of its Fitness+ service specifically for the headset. This will allow users to exercise while watching an instructor in virtual reality, a feature that has already been attempted by Meta with its own VR headset. In addition, the recently launched Freeform collaboration app is also expected to be available on the Reality Pro headset, allowing users to work on virtual whiteboards together while in mixed reality.

It is interesting to note that Apple was not initially planning to focus on gaming with the Reality Pro headset. However, Gurman now reports that gaming will be a central part of the device’s appeal. It is unclear whether Apple will leverage its existing Apple Arcade platform or rely on third-party developers to bring MR games to the device.

The Reality Pro headset has been a long time in the making, with rumors about the device first emerging several years ago. However, if the latest reports are to be believed, Apple may finally be ready to unveil the device at the WWDC 2023 keynote in June. With its impressive hardware and software features, the Reality Pro headset could be a game-changer in the world of mixed reality and set a new standard for other companies to follow.

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