Apple’s macOS Sonoma: everything you need to know

Jun 6, 2023, 5:30 AM UTC
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Apple's macOS Sonoma: everything you need to know
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple today unveiled its latest Mac operating system, macOS Sonoma, which is set to launch this fall. Packed with a range of exciting features, Sonoma aims to enhance user experience and productivity. Among the notable additions are desktop widgets, Apple TV-like aerial screensavers, improvements to messaging and web browsing, a new Game mode, and much more.

One of the most anticipated features in macOS Sonoma is the introduction of interactive widgets that can be conveniently placed on the desktop. These widgets seamlessly blend into the desktop wallpaper, ensuring they don’t disrupt your workflow. Additionally, the Continuity feature enables users to utilize the same widgets found on their iPhones, enhancing synchronization between Apple devices.

macOS Sonoma also focuses on enhancing video conferencing capabilities. The Presenter Overlay feature allows users to position themselves in front of the content they are sharing, making presentations and video sessions more engaging. Moreover, the addition of Reactions provides a way for participants to express their emotions during a video conference. Furthermore, Screen Sharing has undergone significant improvements, streamlining the sharing process for a more seamless experience.

As is customary with macOS updates, Safari receives a host of new features in Sonoma. Private Browsing has been updated to offer enhanced protection against trackers and unauthorized access to users’ devices. Additionally, Safari introduces Profiles, a novel feature enabling users to create separate browsing instances tailored to specific topics or contexts, such as work or personal browsing. Furthermore, Sonoma includes a new way to create web apps, enabling users to access their favorite websites quickly and efficiently.

When idle, macOS Sonoma treats users to captivating screen savers featuring mesmerizing slow-motion videos of breathtaking locations around the world. These screen savers effortlessly transition between landscapes, Earth views, underwater scenes, and cityscapes, reminiscent of the visuals found in Apple’s tvOS.

For gaming enthusiasts, macOS Sonoma brings the highly anticipated Game Mode, promising an optimized gaming experience with smoother and more consistent frame rates. This mode significantly reduces audio latency when using AirPods and minimizes input latency when using game controllers. Whether it’s a casual game or a graphics-intensive title, Game Mode works seamlessly with any game on Mac, ensuring an immersive gaming session.

macOS Sonoma availability

Developers and tech enthusiasts can get their hands on the beta version of macOS Sonoma today through the Apple Developer Program, while a public beta is set to launch next month. The general public can look forward to the official release of the software sometime in the fall season. With its array of exciting features and improvements, macOS Sonoma is poised to elevate the Mac user experience, offering enhanced productivity and entertainment for Apple enthusiasts worldwide.

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