Apple announced redesigned MacBook Air with new colors, notch and supercharged by the new M2 chip

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Apple announced redesigned MacBook Air with new colors, notch and supercharged by the new M2 chip
Apple MacBook Air, powered by new M2 chip (Source: Apple Inc.)

Apple unveiled the next-generation MacBook Air today at WWDC 2022, with an all-new M2 chip, a redesigned unibody enclosure, a brighter display with a notch, new color options like Starlight and Midnight, MagSafe charging, a 1080p camera, and more.

The new MacBook Air follows the current 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro models in design. The notebook has a 13.6-inch display with up to 500 nits of brightness, a fanless design, a MagSafe connector and two Thunderbolt ports on the left side, and a headphone socket with support for high-impedance headphones, four speakers, three microphones, and other features. The notebook is 11.3mm thick and 2.7 pounds in weight.

The new MacBook Air features a new M2 chip with an 8-core GPU and up to a 10-core GPU. Up to 2TB of SSD storage and up to 24GB of unified memory can be loaded into the notebook. According to Apple, the new MacBook Air has a battery life of up to 18 hours.

A Magic Keyboard with full-size function keys and a Touch ID button for fingerprint sensors are included with the new MacBook Air.

M2 MacBook Air price & availability

The new MacBook Air will be available next month, but Apple did not specify an exact date during its keynote. In the United States, it will start at $1,199 (and $1,099 for education), with Silver, Space Gray, Midnight, and Starlight as color options. According to Apple, the previous-generation MacBook Air with the M1 CPU will remain available for $999.

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