How to easily share contacts using iOS 17’s new “NameDrop” feature

Swap phone numbers in seconds with other iPhone users.
Oct 8, 2023, 3:53 AM EDT
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How to easily share contacts using iOS 17's new "NameDrop" feature
Image: Apple

Apple has introduced a handy new feature in iOS 17 called “NameDrop,” which simplifies the process of sharing contact information between iPhone users. This nifty tool, inspired by the popular AirDrop feature, enables you to exchange phone numbers and email addresses effortlessly. Say goodbye to the awkward dance of sharing contact details — with NameDrop, it’s as easy as a quick tap.


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use NameDrop:

  1. Position Your iPhone Over the Other Person’s iPhone: Place your iPhone over the other user’s iPhone with the screens facing up. Make sure they’re doing the same. When a connection is established, a glowing indicator will appear, confirming the link between the two devices.
  2. Choose Your Sharing Option: Once connected, you’ll be presented with two options on your screen: “Receive Only” and “Share.” If you select “Receive Only,” you’ll only receive the other person’s contact details. Opting for “Share” activates NameDrop to swap both contact details.
  3. Receive the Contact Details: After making your choice, the other user’s contact information, along with any details they’ve chosen to share, will be displayed on your screen.

It’s important to note that NameDrop is designed solely for acquiring new contact details; it cannot be used to update existing contacts.

So the next time you meet someone new, remember these easy steps to share your contact details seamlessly.

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