Apple Business Essentials is now available for small businesses

The integration will be available to Google Workspace customers later this spring

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Apple Business Essentials is now available for small businesses
(Source: Apple Inc.)

Apple is preparing to expand easier device management, iCloud Drive storage, and device repair solutions to all small businesses after a beta phase with thousands of businesses. Apple Business Essentials, which was first launched in beta in November 2021, is intended to make device management easier for growing businesses that use Apple products.

IT managers and business owners can choose from a number of programs to find the perfect fit for their business. Apple is now offering a single-device solution with 50GB of iCloud storage for only $2.99/mo. with the final release. Apple provides a multi-device package with up to three devices and 200GB of storage for $6.99/mo. per user. A $12.99/mo. plan comes with up to 2TB of storage and is available for customers with more demanding storage needs.

Small businesses can use Apple Business Essentials to help with employee onboarding, setup, installation, and management of Apple products. With the web portal’s Collections functionality, groups of apps may be provided to employees with only a few clicks. VPN configurations, Wi-Fi passwords, and other system settings can be delivered to devices automatically.

Customers have provided positive early feedback, and several have mentioned the time savings they’ve realized as a result of device rollouts, particularly for remote employees.

Apple has a deep and decades-long commitment to helping small businesses thrive. From dedicated business teams in our stores to the App Store Small Business Program, our goal is to help each company grow, compete, and succeed. We look forward to bringing Apple Business Essentials to even more small businesses to simplify device management, storage, support, and repairs. Using this new service leads to invaluable time savings for customers — including those without dedicated IT staff — that they can invest back into their business.

Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Enterprise and Education Marketing

Apple Business Essentials had AppleCare+ as an option, which was a key selling point. The following are the plans:

  • $9.99/mo.: single device, 50GB storage, one repair. credit, onsite repairs (see below on which devices), and 24/7 end-user support
  • $19.99/mo.: up to 3 devices per user, 200GB storage, two repair credits, onsite repairs (see below on which devices), and 24/7 end-user support
  • $24.99/mo.: up to 3 devices per user, 2TB storage, two repair credits, onsite repairs (see below on which devices), and 24/7 end-user support

For now, AppleCare+ for Business Essentials plans include onsite repairs in Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, New York City, and the San Francisco Bay Area, with more cities to come. Only iPhones are eligible for four-hour repairs; Mac, iPad, and Apple TV repairs are available the next day at Apple Stores or Apple-authorized repair centers.

Repair credits are also cumulative per account, so if your business has 85 devices on the $19.99/mo. plan, you will have 170 repair credits. The end-user or the business can start the repair process.

Espresso machines are the last piece of food service equipment art, and the centerpiece of every cafe. We take pride in being part of the international coffee community with a superior customer experience in the Milwaukee area. I started this business in 1989 on Apple products, and now iPhone, iPad, and Mac are used across sales, operations, and service for our coffee equipment business. Apple Business Essentials makes deployment and security simple for our business as we continue to grow, and will reduce our IT management overhead and streamline our growth process. It’s going to be a game-changer for our business.

Peter Kelsch, Espresso Services Inc.’s president

To help IT understand how the service works and how it will be implemented, all new clients will receive two months free when they sign up. Apple has also stated that one of the most desired features is the ability to deploy apps that are not available in the Mac App Store, which will be available later this summer.

Employees use a Managed Apple ID to check in to their work account on their iOS or Mac once a company has signed up. They’ll have access to the new Apple Business Essentials app once they’ve signed in, where they can download work apps that are available within their company.

The Managed Apple IDs can be created by integrating with Microsoft Azure Active Directory. For Google Workspace customers, the integration is coming later this spring. Meanwhile, small businesses can sign up here: apple.com/business/essentials for the service on Apple’s Business Portal.

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