DPReview shutting down after 25 years of trusted camera reviews

Mar 22, 2023, 8:14 AM EDT
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DPReview shutting down after 25 years of trusted camera reviews
(Image Credit: DPReview)

In a move that has disappointed many photography enthusiasts, Amazon has announced that it will be shutting down DPReview, one of the most comprehensive camera review websites on the internet. The site has been a go-to source for camera buyers since its inception in 1998, thanks to its reputation for providing in-depth and impartial reviews of the latest cameras and lenses.

The news was shared in an announcement posted on the DPReview website, which stated that the site will remain live until April 10th, after which it will be locked and no further updates will be made. The site will then be available in read-only mode for a limited period afterward.


The shutdown of DPReview comes as part of Amazon’s larger plan to cut 18,000 jobs, which was announced in January of this year. The company has since announced 9,000 additional layoffs across various departments, including AWS, Twitch, and its advertising and human resources divisions.

Despite DPReview‘s loyal following and its reputation as a trusted source for camera reviews, Amazon’s decision to shut down the site may not come as a complete surprise. The retail giant acquired DPReview and its forums in 2007, but it has always been unclear why it would want to own a photography review site.

In addition to the closure of the DPReview website, the accompanying YouTube channel, which has become an institution in its own right, will also be coming to an end. The hosts of DPReview TV have announced that they will continue to make videos on a new channel, but it remains to be seen whether the existing videos will still be available in the future.


For many photography enthusiasts, the shutdown of DPReview is a sad day. The site has been an important resource for those looking to buy a new camera or lens, and its reviews have helped countless photographers make informed purchasing decisions. The loss of this valuable resource will be felt by many, and it remains to be seen what will fill the void left by DPReview‘s closure.

Site closure message from DPReview:

Dear readers,

After nearly 25 years of operation, DPReview will be closing in the near future. This difficult decision is part of the annual operating plan review that our parent company shared earlier this year.

The site will remain active until April 10, and the editorial team is still working on reviews and looking forward to delivering some of our best-ever content.

Everyone on our staff was a reader and fan of DPReview before working here, and we’re grateful for the communities that formed around the site.

Thank you for your support over the years, and we hope you’ll join us in the coming weeks as we celebrate this journey.


Scott Everett
General Manager –

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