[UPDATE: Rockstar responded] 90 minutes of GTA 6 gameplay video leaked online

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90 minutes of GTA 6 gameplay video leaked online

GTA 6 may have been leaked following the discovery of dozens of videos online claimed to be in-development footage.

teapotuberhacker, a GTAForums user, posted a zip file with the following message: “Here are 90 footage/clips from GTA 6. Its possible i could leak more data soon, GTA 5 and 6 source code and assets, GTA 6 testing build.”

The videos, which were later shared on Twitter and YouTube, contain robberies, gunplay, fully voiced conversations, and more. Onscreen, there are also what appear to be debug features that look similar to tools used in the production of Red Dead Redemption 2.

If true, the videos seem to confirm earlier rumors about the game, which included a Vice City setting and both male and female characters.

The video footage source is currently unknown. They were allegedly directly downloaded from Rockstar‘s internal Slack groups, according to teapotuberhacker.

Meanwhile, GTA 6 was finally confirmed by Rockstar Games this year after years of speculations, we will still be waiting for Rockstar Games to make an official announcement whenever they are ready.

[UPDATE at 9:30 pm IST] — Rockstar today responded to GTA 6 gameplay leaked online, see the official statement from Rockstar Games.