Rockstar Games Officially Confirmed GTA 6 Is in Development

Rockstar Games officially confirmed GTA 6 is in development

The next GTA project is already “Well Underway”
Feb 4, 2022, 11:04 PM UTC
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The next Grand Theft Auto game is currently under development, according to Rockstar Games. It’s also not just getting started, as Rockstar stated in a blog post that the new project is already “well underway.” It’s unclear whether the upcoming game will be called GTA 6 or something else.

The publisher did not release any details about the new game, which is supposed to feature a dynamic landscape similar to Fortnite. As with other of the company’s biggest blockbusters, such as Red Dead Redemption II, the next game is likely to be developed by numerous Rockstar studios.

While Rockstar Games hasn’t revealed any details about the next GTA yet, the publisher has stated that its general idea with new games is to “significantly move beyond” what it has already accomplished.

“With the unprecedented longevity of GTA V, we know many of you have been asking us about a new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series. With every new project we embark on, our goal is always to significantly move beyond what we have previously delivered–and we are pleased to confirm that active development for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is well underway,” Rockstar said. “We look forward to sharing more as soon as we are ready…”

It’s no surprise that Rockstar is working on a new Grand Theft Auto game, given the company has been rumored to be working on one for quite some time.

The fact that GTA V and GTA Online are still selling well thus late in their lifecycles (the main game has sold 155 million copies) has led some to fear that the next proper installment will not be released anytime soon. In March, the game will be launched on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, as well as a standalone edition of GTA Online.

We don’t know when the new GTA will be launched, and neither Rockstar nor parent company Take-Two has revealed any specific dates. Some analysts, though, predict it might be released as early as 2023.

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