5 best useful google chrome extensions of all time

Dec 27, 2021, 10:06 PM UTC
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5 Best Useful Google Chrome Extensions of All Time
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In today’s article, I will go through some of the most popular, as well as my personal favorites, Google Chrome Extensions.

Google Chrome extensions make our lives a lot easier. There are numerous technologies available to help us be more productive and to make web browsing more convenient.

1. Grammarly — Spelling Assistant

5 Best Useful Google Chrome Extensions of All Time
Image source: Chrome Web Store/Google

Grammarly is my first favorite Google Chrome extension because it helps me to write better in my Google Docs as well as check grammar mistakes in my documents and in the rest of the apps.

A Grammarly browser extension is available for free on today’s modern web browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera Browser, and its application is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, iPadOS, and Android platforms as well as available across platforms like Windows Office Apps, Google popular web apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slide.

Also, the Grammarly keyboard works well with mobile apps when you write something and deeply check grammar mistakes in your sentences. Check Grammarly’s all features on the Grammarly website. Download the Grammarly Keyboard on Google Play Store, or iPhone App Store.

So let’s go on to Grammarly, which is my personal favorite. Grammarly will help me detect faults and spelling issues, as well as correct them for me. It might also be called a personal Grammar assistant. Grammarly is a Google Chrome spell-checker extension. Grammarly allows you to correct spelling and sentence problems, as well as best practices. As a result, you can confidently complete your writing tasks.

Grammarly will constantly assist you and correct them for you with high quality no matter how much English writing knowledge you have. You can also try an alternative ProWritingAid extension for Chrome.

2. OneTab — Convert all of your tabs into a list + Memory saver

5 Best Useful Google Chrome Extensions of All Time
Image source: Chrome Web Store/Google

At any given time, you could have 10 or even many, so many tabs open. Because having all of these web pages open can consume a significant amount of computing power as well as the memory of your computer. OneTab is the answer.

You may turn all of your tabs into a list using the OneTab Chrome Extension, and you can restore an individual or all tabs at once. When you select a OneTab icon or just click it, it will compress everything that was open into a single tab or list. So, if you wish to continue working, you can start a new tab and go about your business as usual.

As a result, you can reduce and compress all of the open tabs. And if you ever want to return, simply click the “Restore All” button. And it will re-display all of those tabs in the same order and manner in which they were presented in the first place. So, if you want an easier way to manage all of your tabs while still keeping a history of them, check out OneTab.

3. Extensity — On/Off all extensions in a single click

5 Best Useful Google Chrome Extensions of All Time
Image source: Chrome Web Store/Google

You can use the Extensity extension to increase the performance of your browser experience. When you have a large number of extensions installed in your browser, they might begin to weigh down and slow down your surfing experience. Extensity is the solution; it easily enables/disables installed Chrome extensions with a single click.

When you install Extensity, you receive a lovely handy list of all of the extensions and Chrome apps that you presently have installed. Extensity, on the other hand, permits you to disable them whenever you want or need to.

Check out the Extensity extension if you want a better way to manage all of your extensions and even disable those that you only use sometimes.

4. Screencastify — Screen Video Recorder

5 Best Useful Google Chrome Extensions of All Time
Image source: Chrome Web Store/Google

Screencastify allows you to record everything you wish in your chrome browser. So, if you have Screencastify installed, and you select that, a small menu will show, allowing you to select what you want to record. Make sure you’ve got the right microphone set up, and if you wish, you may record your webcam as well.

Screencastify is now completely free, and you can record videos of up to five minutes in duration. You can always upgrade if you require a lengthier video.

Another interesting feature is that you may add features here, such as a focus mouse. So, if you wish to indicate the screen’s emphasis, you may utilize this focus mouse to highlight specific regions of the website. When you’re finished recording, simply click the “Stop Recording” button to bring up the editor window. You can listen to your recording again. You can also cut your recordings.

A “Copy Shareable Link” button appears in the upper right-hand corner. This is ready to share right away. Because Screencastify connects to your Google Drive account. As a result, these videos are automatically saved to your Google Drive account, allowing you to begin sharing them right away. If you choose “Copy Shareable Link,” you also may paste it into an email or text it to someone, and they will be able to access and watch this brief video.

You may also upload it to YouTube, request an embed code, or download it to your computer. So, if you want to capture videos quickly and easily, you should look into Screencastify.

5. Speechify — Listen to any website in audio format

Speechify for Chrome
Image source: Chrome Web Store/Google

Speechify is a reading tool that has helped hundreds of thousands of people with dyslexia, ADHD, low vision acuity, concussions, and other reading difficulties enjoy their reading content with ease.

Speechify teams work hard every day to create a reading assistant that helps anyone to read more and achieve in life, from individuals with reading challenges to auditory learners, productivity enthusiasts, second language learners, hobbyists, and more.

Gmail, Google Docs, PDFs, and any webpage can all be listened to without leaving the page. It’s simple to follow along while you listen thanks to the highlighting feature. Listen to the most natural-sounding voices that speech-to-text AI technology has to offer. It’s easier to stay focused and connected to what you’re hearing with better listening voices.

Your Speechify experience can also be customized. Listen in over 20 different languages at up to 9x the average reading speed. Sign in to your account and download the Speechify app for Android or iOS to get the full Speechify experience. Save stuff to your library from your computer or phone and listen to it whenever and wherever you choose.

Let’s try it now “Speechify.”

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