Your eyebrow shape reveals your personality
Beautician applying permanent make up microblading technique for eyebrows. She is using device and pen for special tattoo pigmentation and shaping eyebrow. (Image Credit: iStock)

Your eyebrow shape reveals your personality

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Are you aware that your brows can reveal a lot about your personality? Do you have bushy brows? Or maybe thin brows? Or maybe straight brows? Or maybe arched brows?

Take a look in the mirror if you’re unsure about the shape of your brows.

Thick eyebrows

If you have thick eyebrows, you are free-spirited. You find beauty in things the way they are. You do not worry about what people think of you. You are decisive and self-assured. You are a logical thinker who does not make decisions based on emotions. When things do not go your way, you become frustrated.

Thin eyebrows

You are an overthinker if your brows are thin. On the inside, you usually lack confidence. You may have taken a liking to acting self-assured. You may be having difficulty making decisions and require assistance from others. You may look too far into the future to predict how a situation will play out. You ask permission from others.

Arched eyebrows

If your brows are arched, you are ambitious, impatient, dramatic, and have leadership qualities. You enjoy being noticed while staying socially inept. You take pleasure in being the center of attention. Allowing someone into your life or heart takes a lot of space and time. You are sensitive.

Straight eyebrows

If you have straight brows, your personality types indicate that you are logical. You carefully consider everything. You separate your personal and professional lives. There is rarely any emotional turmoil in relationships. You could be persistent and convey. You’ll say things exactly as they are.

Joint eyebrows

If your brows are joined, you do not care much about how the rest of the world considers you. You actually embrace your individuality. You have an open mindset. You may not be interested in the arts, but you always make time for self-expression. You are a good person, but you may find it difficult to forgive in certain situations. You can also be easily offended or irritated by things that do not suit you.

A large gap between eyebrows

You are a loving person if you have a large gap between your brows. You are definitive. You are easily influenced by outside factors. Due to overwhelming emotions or panic, you may be forced to make decisions. Without a plan, you can act or move in life. You are an excellent listener.

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