Xiaomi’s upcoming smartphone will use Leica lens

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Xiaomi’s upcoming smartphone will use Leica lens

Xiaomi unveiled plans to launch a smartphone jointly branded with photography specialist Leica in July, part of a newly-signed long-term partnership between the pair.

Xiaomi and Leica will collaborate to develop mobile photography technologies for usage in Xiaomi handsets, including both hardware and software interfaces.

In terms of the agreement, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun stated it would “provide a strong boost” to the company’s visual strategy, stating it would usher in a new era of “mobile imaging.”

Leica is a long-established German manufacturer that specializes in digital cameras and sports optics.

The company has already made several forays into the mobile sector, selling cameras for use in Huawei flagships and releasing its own phone in Japan in 2021 in collaboration with operator SoftBank Corp.

Update: According to the latest leaks via GSMArena, the Leica lens will be used in Xiaomi’s 12S smartphone, which will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor.

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