Xiaomi launches a new water purifier that boils water in just 1 second

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Xiaomi launches new water purifier that boils water in just 1 second

The mid-range and flagship smartphone company Xiaomi has launched a new water purifier called the ‘Mi Instant Water Purifier Q800,’ which boils water in just one second and has two RO filters to filter out harmful particles. Xiaomi’s new primary RO-600G filter also has a 5-year lifespan.

Xiaomi also claims that the filter unit’s life has been extended by 150 percent, and the pure-to-wastewater ratio has improved by 50 percent. As a result, the Q800’s pure-to-wastewater ratio is 3:1, and the discharged wastewater can be used for various home tasks such as dishwashing, laundry, and mopping the floor.

It also has four pre-sets that allows users to heat water to different temperatures before pouring it into a glass or a bowl. Normal temperature mode (25°C), milk mode (45°C), coffee mode (85°C), and boiling water mode (95°C) are the four pre-set modes. The Mijia app also allows users to create personalized pre-sets for heating water.

The Mi Instant Water Purifier has an anti-clogging mechanism as well as a smart faucet that allows clean, hot water to be discharged. A touch-enabled touchscreen allows users to effortlessly monitor and control the appliance’s various functions.

The Mi Instant Water Purifier Q800 costs CNY 3,799 or $597.71 (about Rs 44,537). It is now only available in China, and there is no indication of whether the company plans to expand into other regions in the future.