Walmart Plus expands membership benefits with free pet telehealth

May 30, 2023, 12:42 PM UTC
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Walmart Plus expands membership benefits with free pet telehealth
(Image Credit: Walmart)

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Walmart, the American retail giant, continues its relentless pursuit of innovation and customer-centric services to solidify its position in the competitive retail landscape. In its latest move, Walmart is set to introduce pet telehealth services as an enticing addition to its Walmart Plus membership program. By targeting affluent shoppers and directly competing with Amazon’s popular Prime program, Walmart aims to further expand its customer base and enhance its e-commerce prowess. This article delves into the details of Walmart’s strategic foray into the world of pet telehealth and the broader implications of this move.

Walmart Plus is a subscription-based program that offers customers a multitude of advantages for a modest fee. Priced at $98 annually or $12.95 per month, Walmart Plus has garnered a loyal following, propelled by its diverse array of perks. Members enjoy complimentary grocery delivery and convenient online shipping services, easing the burden of traditional shopping. Moreover, subscribers gain free access to various streaming services, including Paramount+, elevating Walmart Plus beyond the boundaries of conventional retail offerings.

Walmart Plus has emerged as a vital component of Walmart’s competitive strategy, serving as a direct response to Amazon Prime. With its $139 yearly cost or $14.99 monthly fee, Amazon Prime has long dominated the subscription-based retail market. Walmart Plus seeks to bridge the gap by providing similar benefits and attracting a more affluent customer base. As evidenced by the company’s recent earnings report, the program’s popularity is growing, playing a pivotal role in driving a remarkable 27% surge in Walmart’s e-commerce sales compared to the previous year.

Recognizing the significant role pets play in many households, Walmart is expanding its range of services to include pet telehealth. Partnering with Pawp, a pioneering startup in the veterinary telehealth space, Walmart Plus aims to offer its members unprecedented access to round-the-clock veterinary assistance. The details of the financial agreement between Walmart and Pawp remain undisclosed, yet the partnership holds immense potential for both companies.

Pawp is a leading player in the emerging field of pet telehealth, harnessing technology to revolutionize the way pet owners seek medical advice for their beloved companions. With 24/7 availability, Pawp’s veterinary telehealth services enable pet owners to connect with licensed veterinarians remotely, mitigating the need for physical visits and ensuring immediate assistance. By integrating Pawp’s services into Walmart Plus, the retail giant demonstrates its commitment to enhancing the well-being of pets and strengthening its relationship with pet-owning customers.

Walmart Plus members will have until November 19th, 2023 to opt into the free year-long Pawp membership to gain access to a host of benefits. The convenience of veterinary telehealth services provides peace of mind for pet owners, as they can receive timely guidance and support from qualified professionals, regardless of the time or day. By eliminating the need for physical visits, pet telehealth also minimizes stress for pets, reducing their exposure to potentially anxious or overwhelming situations.

Walmart’s decision to include pet telehealth within its membership program aligns with its broader objective of challenging Amazon Prime’s dominance. By constantly expanding its range of services, Walmart aims to attract more affluent customers to its stores and e-commerce platform. The addition of pet telehealth not only serves as a unique selling point but also demonstrates Walmart’s dedication to creating a comprehensive ecosystem that caters to all aspects of customers’ lives.

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