Verizon’s New “Rate Plan Adjustment” Adds Maintenance Fees to Unlimited Plans

If you're a Verizon customer on a legacy unlimited plan, you may soon be paying an extra $2 per line each month due to the carrier's "rate plan adjustment."

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Verizon's New "Rate Plan Adjustment" Adds Maintenance Fees to Unlimited Plans

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Verizon has announced a change to its customer plans that is sure to anger many of its users. Dubbed the “rate plan adjustment,” this change will affect customers on a range of unlimited plans, including Beyond Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited 55+, Go Unlimited, and Verizon Unlimited.

According to a spokesperson from Verizon, users will be notified of the charge by direct mail, email, and in their next bill to account for the added cost of maintaining these legacy plans. The new monthly fee will be $2 per line and is set to start on customers’ April bills.

While the rate itself stays the same for longer-term customers, they may wind up paying more through surcharges and these types of fees. The rate plan adjustment is basically a maintenance fee and could be a way for the carrier to regain some costs without actually raising rates.


Verizon has encouraged customers to upgrade to a current 5G Unlimited plan, such as 5G Get More, 5G Play More, 5G Do More, 5G Start, One Unlimited for iPhone (read more of this article), and Welcome Unlimited (read more of this article). These plans start at $25 for four lines with Auto Pay.

Many Verizon users with the older plans are bothered by the added fees, with some taking to social media to express their frustration. One user wrote on Twitter, “Profit over people. Verizon is adding a new fee to some of its older unlimited plans. The carrier really wants to push people to its latest unlimited plans.”

It’s worth noting that the older plans are no longer offered to new customers. Just last year, the carrier adjusted its fees for consumers and business users. Monthly administrative fees were raised for consumer accounts from $1.35 per voice line to $3.30 per line. For businesses, the company tacked on a monthly Economic Adjustment Charge of $2.20 per line for smartphones or data lines.


Verizon has said that from time to time, it reviews and makes adjustments to fees to defray some of its administrative and telco expenses and costs of complying with regulatory requirements. While this may be true, the added fees are unlikely to sit well with many of its customers.

The rate plan adjustment by Verizon will result in an extra fee for many of its customers, and this has caused a significant backlash on social media. While the company has encouraged users to upgrade to newer 5G Unlimited plans, many are unhappy with the added charges and the perception that the company is putting profit over its customers.