How to use Google Workspace for your Start-up — for beginners!

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How to use Google Workspace for your Start-up — for beginners!
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Google Workspace (formerly known as Google Apps and later G Suite) is a secure and easy-to-use workspace that provides a range of collaboration tools. Google Workspace helps startups at all stages of development to collaborate efficiently. It offers entrepreneurs a way to get the job done faster by helping to connect, share, and create. With Google Workspace you can collaborate in real-time with investors, employees, and customers from anywhere. Share your progress and get feedback on how to grow your business faster.

Google Workspace helps startups move faster. With secure, enterprise-grade video calling, file sharing, and live document editing, you have everything you need to get ahead in one solution.

Learn about Google Workspace’s updates.

Essential’s things in Start-Up

Google Workspace is a complete productivity suite that includes web apps, workspaces, and team accounts, providing you the capabilities to empower your users, while integrating with existing workflows. Use Google Apps and Google Meet to collaborate with your team or clients online. Create and edit Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides in your browser. Sync your users’ identities to their new workspaces, including email, contacts, and calendars. Store personal information with cloud backup services for easy access from any location. Learn how to use Google Workspace with the resources we’ve created.

Google Workspace use in start-up

Use Docs and Templates

The templates available in Google Docs can help you save time, rather than taking the time to create your documents manually. These templates provide a variety of options for those looking to create business presentations, resumes, newsletters, and more.

You can use Google Docs templates to save you time and effort. These templates cover a variety of document-creation tasks, including calendars, newsletters, and surveys. The template gallery contains more than 200 free templates that can be customized for your use. Google has provided templates for creating many documents, including letters, resumes, and articles.

Remember that you can always correct your grammar in Google Docs with the help of add-ons. We have curated a list of best grammar add-ons for google docs that can help you to improve your writing skills without worrying about grammar and spelling mistakes.

Find and use free tools compatible with Google workspace

You can set up secure access to Google Workspace from third-party applications by integrating Google Workspace with those applications. Google provides a number of ways for you to set up your integration. You can use one of Google’s pre-built integrations or build your own.

Some of these options are:

  • Marketplace apps
  • Apps pre-integrated for SSO (Google as IdP)
  • Apps that use SSO with a 3rd-party IdP
  • Dashboard apps that don’t support SAML-based SSO
  • LDAP-based apps
  • Apps that access Drive files
  • Mobile Apps

Stay Collaborated with Teams

Seamless team collaboration and communication remain consistent goals for any organization, regardless of its size or industry. Google Workspace offers cloud-based solutions that are making internal communication and collaboration more efficient than ever. One common obstacle many organizations face is the lack of knowledge regarding how to make use of Google Workspace’s features. Instead, they rely on externally downloaded servers that ultimately do less of a seamless job than other features Google Workspace offers but which are not fully utilized.

Customer Feedback using Forms

To start a survey, sign in to Google Docs. Click the Survey button on the toolbar at the top of your screen. Enter a title and description. Then, click the Add questions button to add questions and responses. Customer survey tools such as Google Forms have proven to be highly beneficial for businesses seeking honest feedback from their customers. Businesses can use these tools for free, without paying high fees for outside survey providers, and survey takers are more likely to share honest opinions with a brand they trust and use regularly.

Use Calendar and Task

Google Tasks is a to-do list that sits quietly in the corner of your Gmail and Google Calendar interfaces. It’s part of what makes Google’s streamlining tools so powerful. By integrating tasks with email, you can see at a glance whether something needs to be done or has already been completed. There are plenty of ways to get the most out of this simple tool.

The simple-to-use app Google Tasks has been a part of Gmail and Google Calendar, but you may have missed it. Learn more about how to take advantage of this powerful tool.

How employees are using Google workspace to Check Report

As an administrator, you can use the App usage reports in Google Apps to get a clearer picture of how your users are interacting with Google Apps. The App usage report is available under User Reports, and it provides details like who created and shared files, how many users are near their Drive storage limits, how many devices search for content from a specific type of device, and more.

Users can get a glimpse of their own usage patterns—from searches to docs created and shared, to emails sent—in the Analytics section of the Admin console.

Pro Tip: You have access to free signup to Google Workspace, always.


G Suite has helped businesses collaborate and grow for over a decade. Simple tools and an easy onboarding process make G Suite a popular choice among companies from multinationals to small businesses. No matter what industry you’re in, G Suite can help your employees work smarter across the board.

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