Get up to $140 off on Meta Portal video-calling devices

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Get up to $140 off on Meta Portal video-calling devices
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The Meta Portal video-calling devices lineup deals are now up that lets you save up to $140 on them. These huge bargains run through the cross Meta Portal website itself and Best Buy & Amazon.

Taking about the first deal, the standard Meta Portal, a 10” video calling device is now available at as low as $53.99 from Amazon US retailers from the regular $179 while the Best Buy and Meta Portal shops sell standard Portal at regular $179 price tag. However, if you buy a 10” Meta Portal in two quantities from the Meta Portal shop, you get a $100 instant discount. But, we’re recommending you to go with Amazon’s deal where you will save a huge $125.01 on Portal TV.

The second deal is Meta Portal Go, it is currently available at as low as $129 on Meta Portal shop, Amazon, and Best Buy. It was regularly sold at $199, but you buy it now for just $129 saving you $70. And if you buy Meta Portal Go in two quantities at all stores you get the double discount, which means you get a total $140 discount on the Meta Portal Go video calling device.

The third deal is Meta Portal Plus, this video calling device is now sold at $299 on Meta Portal shop, Amazon and Best Buy. It generally costs you approximately $349, but it is available as low as $299, saving you a total of $50. And the same deal is also applied here, if you bought it in two quantities, you get a double discount, that’s a $100 total saving on the Meta Portal shop, Amazon and Best Buy US retailers.

The last deal is Meta Portal TV, it is now available for the low $89.99 ($60 saving) on Best Buy and $99.99 ($50 saving) on Amazon while the Meta Portal shop is selling at the regular price of $149 but you get $100 off at the Meta Portal shop when you bought Portal TV in two quantities. But we’re not recommending Amazon and Meta Portal shop’s deal for Portal TV if you planning to buy it in two quantities, because you can actually save more at Best Buy.

Best Buy is giving you an approximately $120 discount on Meta Portal TV when you bought it in two quantities, that’s a $20 extra saving compared to Amazon and Meta Portal shop.

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