Uber Rewards is no more, scheduled to be discontinued later this year

Spend your leftover Uber Rewards points before Oct. 31st, 2022
Aug 14, 2022, 9:26 PM UTC
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Uber Rewards is no more, scheduled to be discontinued later this year
(Image Credit: Uber Technologies Inc.)

Uber is discontinuing its free reward program, called Uber Rewards,” in order to focus on its Uber One membership, which requires a monthly payment. Uber informs users in an email that points can still be earned through the end of August and that the deadline for redeeming them is October 31.

“Thank you for being part of Uber Rewards,” the email reads. “It’s been a great ride, but we’ve decided to end Rewards soon, as we shift our focus to our new Uber One membership program,” Uber wrote to users in the email.

Uber Rewards is no more, scheduled to be discontinued later this year
Email Screenshot (Credit: Uber Technologies Inc.)

Since then, Uber has published an update regarding the impending termination of the loyalty program, which will occur on November 1st, 2022. Uber Rewards, a free program that was introduced in 2018, allows you to get points for every dollar you spend when using Uber and Uber Eats to order food or book a ride. These points can then be applied to future deliveries or rides to receive discounts.

The rewards you receive improve as you collect more points; for example, 7,500 points unlock the top Diamond tier, which offers advantages like first-rate customer support, free ride upgrades, better drivers, and three complimentary Uber Eats deliveries.

But all of that is disappearing now. If you don’t pay for an Uber One subscription, which Uber introduced as a replacement for Eats Pass last year, there is no other method to regularly earn perks and discounts. Uber isn’t offering an alternative for the program. Free food deliveries, up to 10% off “eligible” Uber Eats orders, and a 5% discount on rides from top-rated drivers are among the benefits of a $9.99/month (or $99.99/year) subscription.

Existing Rewards members of Uber will receive a free one-month subscription to Uber One, but they will then be charged.

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