Twitter will soon allow users to write a full article

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Twitter will soon allow users to write a full article
Screenshot by Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane on Twitter)

The App researcher Jane Wong spotted Twitter testing a new feature dubbed “Twitter Article,” which allows users to compose text in full-length.

Twitter currently limiting users to compose tweets in just 280 characters. Wong showcased a hidden menu on the social network’s website dedicated to the new Articles feature, which is not Twitter’s official announcement.

However, there are no specifics on how Twitter Articles will work, but it is assumed that users will be able to create full articles on the social media platform without being limited to the 280-character limit.


Users would be able to “Create a Twitter Article,” according to an image posted by Wong, implying that the capability will not be limited to certain types of accounts.

In 2020, the social media platform unveiled a new way to share tweets called “continuous threads,” which allows users to tie many tweets to a single conversation. Even for threads, the 280-character restriction per tweet applies.

A Twitter spokesman told CNET that further information about Twitter Articles will be released soon.

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Twitter will soon allow users to write a full article

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