Twitter introduced Instagram Close Friends’ like feature called “Twitter Circle”

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Twitter introduced Instagram Close Friends’ like feature called “Twitter Circle”
Source: Twitter/Illustrate at GadgetBond.com

Twitter has launched a new feature called “Twitter Circle,” which works similarly to Instagram‘s Close Friends feature in that it allows you to choose which users can see more of your personal stories.

According to Twitter Saftey’s post, “some tweets are for everyone and others are just for people you’ve picked.” “We are now testing Twitter Circle, which lets you add up to 150 people who can see your Tweets when you want to share with a smaller crowd.”

This feature will be available to “some of you” starting today, according to the company. If you have it, Twitter will guide you through how to use it, here it is:

  • Add your people — you can choose up to 150 of them to include in your Twitter Circle;
  • Tweet to only them — go on – share those thoughts. Only your Circle can see and reply to them;
  • Change things up anytime — want to edit your Twitter Circle? Go for it. People won’t be notified if you remove them.

Once you edit your list, users will notice a green bubble when typing a tweet (you can see it in the above-featured image in the third prototype). They have the option of making it only for select users or for everyone. Circle’s tweets will also appear in a different way in the timeline, letting other users know they’ve been chosen. It’s worth noting that people can only like, not retweet, the tweet.